60 beauty and lifestyle blog post ideas

So, how was your weekend?

I hope that you all had a good one and were able to do all that you had planned for without any mishaps. Today I am going to talk about blog post ideas. We have all been there, where you know you really have to have a post up and then you get to sit down to start writing and nothing like literally nothing comes to mind, and so you just end up disappointed, frustrated and even start questioning why you even started a blog in the first place. Well you are not alone, happens to all of us and it’s fine. Here are 60 beauty and lifestyle blog post ideas.

60 beauty and lifestyle blog post ideas


  1. Your skincare routine
  2. Your favourite foundation
  3. Best beauty brands
  4. How you clean your makeup brushes
  5. Holy grail makeup products
  6. Everyday makeup routine
  7. Beauty products reviews
  8. Product comparisons
  9. Show us your makeup organisation and storage
  10. Beauty hacks and tips
  11. Evening makeup look
  12. Hairstyle ideas
  13. Best hair products
  14. Tips for healthy hair
  15. Beauty products you swear by
  16. Try out a new trend and show us
  17. Do your friends makeup and show us
  18. Do a one brand makeup look
  19. Best makeup palettes
  20. Seasonal looks
  21. Best drugstore finds
  22. High end go to makeup products
  23. Nail polish favourites
  24. Nail polish hacks
  25. Recreate a celebrities look
  26. Best facial masks and reviews
  27. How do you cover blemishes
  28. Best makeup brushes
  29. Beauty product always in your handbag
  30. What other beauty bloggers inspire you



  1. Your morning/night time routine
  2. Your workout routine
  3. 20 random facts about yourself
  4. Best holiday destination
  5. Share a recipe
  6. Write about your weaknesses
  7. Your pet peeves
  8. How do you stay organised
  9. What do you do when bored
  10. Things you like to do around where you live
  11. Write about your strengths
  12. What’s in your wishlist
  13. Favourite weekend activities
  14. What you do on a rainy day
  15. Gift ideas for him/her/kids
  16. Best/worst beauty/skin products
  17. Go to breakfast
  18. Share an embarrassing story
  19. A day you will never forget
  20. Go to brands/home/food
  21. Favourite box sets
  22. Best movies/comedies
  23. Fun things to do with your kids(if you have any) or with friends/partner
  24. How you save money
  25. Travel bucket list
  26. Date night ideas
  27. How you food prep
  28. Best drinks/cocktails
  29. Tell us about your best friend
  30. Lifestyle bloggers who inspire you

These are all I could come up with for now I hope it will help someone who has having writers block. If you have more ideas to share with me, don’t forget to comment below. How do you always come up with your blog post Ideas?

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  1. These are great, thanks so much for sharing! I was just thinking about my next batch of posts so I’ll definitely be grabbing a few ideas from here šŸ™‚

  2. As a blogger I am constantly looking for quality ideas to write about. There are times where my brain is just a blank page. I love the ideas you have listed. Really well thought out. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think that this post was a great idea. Sometimes it is had to decide what to write your blog post on and I think that this list can really give people some inspiration.

  4. I recently just went back to blogging and all I’ve been planning to post are product reviews. Thanks to your ideas, I will definitely try some of these out!

  5. I definitely left a comment but somehow it’s nowhere to be seen. I wonder what happened. Haha
    Oh well, thank you so much for these tips! I’m definitely trying some of them out!

  6. I’ve recently posted something similar to number 30 – that’s definitely my favourite idea on the list. I love blog posts that share the love and promote other bloggers. What an epic list you’ve compiled!

  7. Loving this list!!! You have pretty much helped me fill my content planner for February! Get ready to see a lot of posts on my blog from this list! LOL. Thanks for sharing, and I’m going to forward this to some blogger friends.

  8. I’m printing your entire list out. I was just talking with another blogger about blog post ideas, or lack thereof, because we are both trying to find new ideas to blog about. I’ll share this with her too.

  9. I think i would go for “Best drinks/cocktails” as food and beverages is my forte. I think my readers will really like it.

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