10 natural hair tips for natural healthy hair

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Everyone wishes for long, silky, shiny hair but when it comes to natural hair, I aim to have healthy, I admit that I never really cared about taking care of my hair since I was used to braiding my hair all year round and not thinking much about it. But after sometime, my hair texture changed and it became thin, brittle, full of split ends and just looked a mess until I decided to start taking care of it the right way and what suits me.

When it comes to natural hair, don’t lie to yourself and think that just because another person has natural hair, that you both have the same and that you should follow the same regimen, because everyone’s hair type is different and accepts different products and maintenance. These are 10 natural hair tips for healthy hair that have helped me with my 4c hair and still try to follow most of the time.



With natural hair, choosing products for your hair type is important and makes a big difference for your regimen, going for sulphate free shampoos and good conditioners are the best option. I go for good thick conditioners that have lots of slip and coats the hair perfectly, it took me a while to find the right one just because some conditioners didn’t provide enough slip and made detangling difficult. Finding the right products for your hair type will save you a lot of time and minimise frustration.


Once you get your products down, you need to start having a regimen which you would follow every week to make your life easier, washing, treating, deep conditioning, moisturising and even hot oil treatments. Having some kind of regimen that suits your schedule is the right way to go plus your hair will thank you.


Before I got this step down, my hair breakage was on another level and having so much hair in the sink and on my comb, started becoming really annoying. I came to realise that it was the way I used to detangle that was wrong, what worked for me was finding the right comb, be it a wide tooth comb or a denman brush and sectioning my hair, I never sectioned my hair before and would just pull the hell out of my hair, yes it hurt like crazy but that’s also because I was always in a hurry, so note do take your time while doing this.


What I love about natural hair is the diversity of hairstyles I can come up with and how good they look, natural hair styling should be fun and when styling, make sure your ends are protected and that you take care of your edges by not over pulling or tightening while creating your style, Also twist outs and twists, flat twisting can also be a good way of protective styling, and not forgetting braiding, wigs and any other style that can protect your ends once in a while to give your hair a break from too much stretching during styling.


When I say moisturise, water for example is a form of moisturising one’s hair without making it greasy, and choosing the correct hair oils is important. There are so many oils nowadays that getting the right one for your hair type will not be a problem, my favourites are coconut oil, castor oil, shea butter and vitamin e oil and I also use aloe vera gel on my edges sometimes, but as I said this is usually by preference and for more beauty uses for coconut oil,go here. Moisturise your hair three to four times a week depending on how much your hair needs, again this will totally be according to how your hair feels and if you think it needs more moisture.


Natural hair loves to stay just as it is natural, and so when we decide to introduce it to blow dryers, flatirons and any form of heat styling, it can cause damage to the hair and make it to be brittle, cause breakage and just not look healthy overall, this happened to me and I did end up having to chop my hair, I got so much heat damage from flat ironing on high heat that my hair lost its body and was no longer thick and full as it used to be.

There different ways of stretching natural hair without really using heat, try threading or banding and also box braiding overnight just to give a bit of stretch without the heat damage.

10 natural hair tips for healthy hair




Going to sleep with natural hair is kind of an adventure, if you decide not to cover it. I suggest either having a satin pillow case or a satin hair bonnet or scarf to cover it and avoid the outcome of not being able to pass a comb through it in the morning. The satin does avoid breakage which can be caused by rubbing of the hair on cotton or different pillow cases during sleep and will help you to shorten your hair styling time in the morning depending on what you decide to do with it. Remember protect your hair with a satin bonnet or scarf when sleeping with natural hair.


Yes people, for your hair to continue growing and stay healthy, you do need to trim your hair once in a month or even after longer, this depends on how well you have been taking care of your ends and that will show you what to add more of or reduce on. I trim my hair once I notice that my twist outs turn out frizzy and the ends look split, your hair will show you when it needs it just don’t prolong or forget to have trimming sessions for healthy hair.


As much as I think that I know everything about my natural hair, I am still learning and willing to know more of what I can do to improve my hair and so, all I can tell you is to do your research and get to understand and learn more when it comes to your hair. There’s lots of information out there and you will  be able to find all you need.


This is my last tip, love your natural hair and embrace it, that’s what makes you, don’t try to deny it but don’t make it control you or define you, it’s your choice to cut or change it anyhow you want so don’t feel like you have to have it a certain way just because someone else said it. It’s yours and whatever you decide good on you,  just do whatever makes you happy  and remember it’s just hair, it does grow back you know.

Those were my natural hair tips for healthy hair, hope you liked them and if you have more that I haven’t mentioned or I do not know of please share below….


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  1. Great tips here! I don’t take care of my hair as much as I should and as a result I see a lot more split ends :/ need to start brushing and moisturizing my hair!

  2. Those are some really great tips to take care of our hair. I have bad hair fall since a year now, I can really use good tips for taking care of my issues. Great post.

  3. I love your tip about sleeping on a satin pillowcase. Overnight my hair tends to get tangled and I have to use a detangling / conditioning spray. Although I know the heat of the blowdryer damages my hair, during the winter months I unfortunately need to use it or I’d be shivering cold letting it dry on it’s own. Thanks so much for all of these great hair tips!

  4. One of my favourite things to do when I wash my hair in the evening is wrapping it in a silk pillowcase before I go to sleep. It helps with the frizz when I style in the morning. Great tips! 🙂

  5. I need to pick up a satin pillow case. I toss and turn so much at night my hair is a nest some mornings. I have seen a big difference in my hair since I started using a hair mask treatment.

  6. My hair is my crowning glory, and i keep it healthy and shiny by not coloring it and just maintaining with regular washing and conditioning.
    This method makes my hair soft and no grey hairs yet, hahaha

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