It’s been a while,

I know guys and I am sorry I’ve been missing for a minute or two but I am now back and feels good to be at it again. I forgot how travelling makes me feel so exhausted and worn out by the time I come back. I mean all the packing and preparations was exciting and all until I came back to reality again. My son has always wanted to swim in the sea and I was happy that we were able to plan a trip there. I decided not do any blogging while away and to just have a break from it, relax and enjoy. So here is my visit to Croatia holiday roundup plus photos of course.

This was my second trip this year and unlike my last one here which I went on my own, this time around my family had to be there because if you read my back at it again post here, you know that I lived in Croatia for four years, had my son there and his grandparents always need to see him once in a while.

We arrived in Zagreb just before midnight and for the first time, my son really behaved all through the trip. If you are a parent you know how travelling with a toddler can be hectic from the whining and restlessness. We got to have lunch with my in-laws which was great then had to start preparing for our road trip. Our next destination was to Brac Island which is a 5 hour road trip to Split where we would take a ferry to the Island. Before that, we stopped over beautiful Primosten situated between Sibenik and Split.

my visit to Croatia holiday roundup


How beautiful is this place?

The ferry ride took an hour to reach the Island and then had a 45 minute drive to our apartment. Our stay for the week was the Sole ApartmentsΒ Β in Sumartin which had the most gorgeous views anyone would wish for and knowing that I would be having my coffee every morning looking at it made that whole day of driving all worth it.

Sole Apartments Sumartin
my visit to Croatia holiday roundup
Morning views

We chose Brac island because it’s more quiet and calm and we weren’t really planning on doing any partying anyway. You remember how my son had really wanted to swim in the sea, well he never even touched it.

my visit to Croatia holiday roundup
Closest he got to the water
my visit to Croatia holiday roundup
All he did

my visit to Croatia holiday roundup

After all the planning and him saying that he couldn’t wait to swim, it was all in vain. Apart from that being a disappointment, we still had to make the best of it and with having barbecues on the terrace to great wine it was worth visit to Croatia holiday roundup

Also if you like the heat and don’t mind feeling like a furnace every minute, then I do suggest you take a trip real soon. We got back to Zagreb and only had one day to spend with my other in-laws before our journey back.

What I learnt,

  • First of all, I literally over packed for this trip and I had promised myself to learn from my past mistakes and just carry what I needed.
  • My son will swim when he is ready and until then, my next holidays will be inland.
  • My sea sickness is getting better if I was able to brave an hour ferry ride.
  • The heat is not my friend, will never be and I have a face three shades darker to prove it.
  • My son has really grown and can handle a five to six hour road trip both ways with little to no interruptions.
  • I need to start exercising because all the stairs I climbed assured me that I am not fit.
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There you go,

This is all I have for you without bombarding you with too many photos and our travel back. Now I am back and ready to start publishing more posts which I really missed but the break was totally worth it. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did sharing it with you. Where are you going for your next holiday and if you already did, where did you go?




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  1. Your style of narration is very good and so is the blog consequently. The beach seems wonderful, I am searching for more pics now. πŸ™‚
    Overall, great blog and good style. Happy travelling and blogging.

  2. I am so jealous of how much you travel! And the places you go and show are just so amazingly beautiful! And your son is adorable!! πŸ™‚

  3. Amazing post Croatia is gorg….and you got a beautiful family hopefully in the near future I’ll get to visit there ☺

  4. Your family is so cute. I’m happy to hear you all had a lovely trip. Croatia is on my bucket list. One day I shall visit.

    Aitza B |

  5. I never knew that Croatia has such beautiful beaches. I did not travel much in recent years as my kids are still young. I am hoping to be able to do more traveling once my kids get older.

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