10 things to do on a rainy day

All about rainy days

I love rain,but there just those days where the rainy days start to become normal days and then I just get tired of it and wish it to be over already.Having something to do to keep my mind off not being able to go out is always helpful.These are 10 things to do on a rainy day.

  1. Make sure you have a really good long book. The rain may decide to be a week long and the longer that book is the better your survival.
  2. Have your favourite box sets ready for the snuggly nights on the sofa in your pjs, I love repeating some of them just because I have time.
  3. Schedule yourself a nice extra warm bath and even light yourself some candles, this is Β time to have your own at home spa, pamper yourself, get your scrubs and facials out and relax.
  4. Being a lazy day, have your best food take outs on hand and just let loose that day. Eat what you have been craving all week from your best place and savour each bite.
  5. If you are not up for the take out, have a go to soup recipe on hand which you know you can whip up anytime and make yourself a big bowl and enjoy.
  6. If your not alone, you could plan to have a mini date night and catch up, it will not only be fun, but also memorable.
  7. You could also take this time to clean up the house, declutter, and organise yourself for the days ahead. This will make you spend some of your time and as a bonus you will have a clean house.
  8. Get your rainy day playlists out because a bit of good music will make you enjoy your time indoors.
  9. If you are lucky and have a fireplace, it’s time to put it in use and just warm yourself up, plus it’s a bonus get some marshmallows and crackers and have a ball in the process.
  10. Last but not least, you could meal prep or create some menus for the weeks ahead, you have enough time to figure out what sorts of meals you would like or what to introduce to your daily meals.

Finally , hope you like my ideas and if you have more to add on this list please do share and for what to do when you’re bored, find here.

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