a glance at February-My Monthly Update

Hello March

Here we are again, another month another update. Last month I wrote an update on how my month had been here and decided that I would continue with updates each month in order to track my progress and see whether I achieved any goals I put out and add other goals for this month and what I will be doing better. February has been busy but worth it. This is a glance at February-My Monthly Update.

Health and Living

I am happy to say that I have maintained the weight I lost and will continue going at it to prevent disappointment. My son is adjusting with his school and is enjoying it more, which shows from all the stories he tells. This week, I am going for vacation for the first time ever since I had my son. Can you believe that? like I will be all alone without hearing “MUMMY MUMMY” non-stop which if you think about it, should be relaxing but is freaking the hell out of my life.

I have never left my son alone from when I had him and I thought it would be easy but it’s not. I am so into routines that I don’t even know how I will function, all I know is that I just might make too many phone calls which will make my family hide my phone or something like that, I have promised myself that I will really try and relax and enjoy every minute of my vacation without over thinking everything. Hopefully I stick to the plan and don’t end up regretting why I didn’t make it worth-while. I will be making a post about that when I get back.

My Current Favourites

I thought I would be getting more stuff this month but I guess I was good and avoided impulse buying. I did get a leather jacket and a soap n glory body butter which smells heavenly. Also their body scrub will be next on my list because I’ve always wanted to try it.
Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Butter 300ml

Since I am talking about what was my favourite this month, I want to share with you the wines I love for the price and guess where you can get them, Aldi so yeah it’s a bargain and you should give them a try if you are a wine lover. It’s Kooliburra both shiraz and merlot, I also love Hardys but only find it at Tesco but since I shop often at Aldi, I just get what I find there, and yes I don’t think you should spend too much money on wine, that’s just what I think anyway now onto blogging.
Hardys Crest Cabernet Shiraz Merlot, 75cl


In my last update, I told you how I love that I decided to continue blogging because I realised that I am happy when I do it and there’s nothing better than doing something that makes you happy. As of today, I had a goal of increasing my Pinterest followers to 1000 and I might not have reached that but I increased from 460 to 803 which means I was close and still makes me proud, after all it’s progress right? I joined two groups which I wanted to, they are;

  • Bon Appetit!
  • Share your Blog+Tips and Tricks


We all know about tailwind by now and how it helps in the world of Pinterest to pin your images, but if you haven’t heard about it, you can find here and sign up to get a free trial. My goal for this month was to join more tribes and I am happy to say that I did join five to be exact and feels great. The groups I joined were;

  • Blogging Friends Pins
  • Bloggers Unite Tribe
  • Mom Blogs
  • Chic Sisters
  • Blogging Business Tips-Promote your Blog


I also wanted to join more facebook groups to meet other bloggers and help each other out, and I am very happy that I did because these groups have really taught me so much and appreciate everyone who are in those groups, the groups I joined are;

a glance at February-My monthly Update


For this month, I want to continue to increase my Pinterest followers Β to at least 1500 and get more viewing for average monthly viewers.

I’ll continue reading more blogs and subscribing to the ones that I am interested in and are in my niche.

I’ll try and collaborate with other bloggers in facebook and other platforms and learn more from all the lovely bloggers out there.

I plan to increase my instagram followers and be more active on that.

I forgot I had a twitter account and so I plan to be more active and get more followers.

Work harder on monetizing my blog and experiment more with other affiliate programs and see which work better for me.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has visited my blog, read it, subscribed and even commented. I hope I get to see you here again and follow me on my blogging journey. Last but not least, I hope this month offers you great solutions and findings, till the next update. If you have any questions do comment below. How has February treated you?



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