products that didn't work for my skin

My skin has never been perfect, before I found what kind of products worked for me, I went through some trial and errors which I highly regretted and asked myself why I even tried them, guess that’s what you get when your striving for perfection. I’ve had acne, allergies, breakouts and even chemical reactions due to skin products I thought would work for me. Here are products that didn’t work for my skin.


Shea butter has been all the rage when it comes to skin care and hair, and as much as I do agree with the hair part, with my skin, this product just went wrong, from all the reviews I read about how it worked for many people with flawless results, I don’t think my face got that memo because what my skin looked like after was just a disappointment, but it was just a way of my skin telling me to just forget about it. My face broke out and looked like a grease ball,  just not for me.
Shea Butter Unrefined Certified Organic – 100% Pure – 100g by Naissance


This is the second product that I read reviews on and  bought it the same time with the shea butter, with hair it’s perfect but after two days, it removed my makeup and cleansed my skin but I started itching my face like crazy and then I got hives like an allergic reaction of some sort,I thought it was the apple cider vinegar I was using as a toner and decided to stop the vinegar but it just got worse, so I knew it was the black soap and after I stopped it, my skin reverted back to normal. It may have worked for other people but am not going through that again.
Genuine African Black Soap – 90g x 1


You might have noticed that in my skincare routine post, I skipped this step and this is the reason why, I had done my research and thought that with my skin type, I had chosen the best carrier oils to start the oil cleansing method but yet again, I was wrong. I used grapeseed oil and ended up breaking out and getting rashes all over my face, I stopped using it and continued with my routine. So if it worked for you, you’re pretty lucky but it’s another no go for me, to see my skincare routine go here.


Now this one right here really made me sad and even angry, with it being all natural, I knew that there was no way it would have any adverse reactions, well little did I know that my skin gods were not routing for me, and so I ended up being a grease ball and rashes all over, I can use it on my body but just not my face, how is that you ask? I have no flipping idea. I learnt to accept what my skin tells me and move on.
Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml


At a certain point in my skin journey, I had bad acne and never knew what was causing it, I saw results and reviews about panoxyl, but nobody told me that this was going to be the death of me, this was really the worst decision I ever made, my skin got burnt from the benzoyl peroxide that I had a mask looking layer over my skin due to the burns, and me being stupid, never thought it was the ointment.

I mean since it’s good for the skin, why not go ahead and double the layer,my skin got worse and stayed that way and so sore for over four weeks and after cooling it everyday with Aloe vera gel, it finally started coming back to normal again. All I can say is I am done thinking that benzoyl peroxide removes acne, I am fine leaving my skin to decide its fate after that experience.


These are the products that didn’t work for my skin and am not ready to retry them, are there any products that just don’t do it for your skin? Hope to hear about them..



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  1. It’s good that you know what doesn’t work for you! Shea Butter works for me, but I have purchased some products that made me break out.

  2. Its so interesting how we are all so unique and what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for the other. Glad you know what does and does not work for you.

  3. Obviously Joan, it seems you have an oily skin and even though it’s great to keep your skin moisturized oily or not, using products that are too greasy won’t really work for your type of skin.

    For the African soap on the contrary, it works perfectly for me. Other products you mentioned, I use mainly for my natural hair.

    Perhaps you might try other products which won’t leave your skin too greasy or clog Up your pores.

  4. Shea butter works on my skin. We really need to buy small size of products esp. if we have sensitive skin. Products may vary on the different skin types. I love shea butter and coconut oil.

  5. I certainly feel your pain – my skin is fairly sensitive and easily breaks out (sometimes for no obvious reason!). I have never tried coconut oil but am willing to give it a go….

  6. This is a great post idea! I had never though of it. It is also great you know what does not work for you. I still don’t!

  7. I can really relate to your pain ): I have super sensitive skin and so many products make me break out in an allergic rash, even products I’ve used before! It’s such a bummer when all natural products cause this as well ):

  8. The journey to finding that perfect skin care regimen is tough! You have a try a bunch of things before you come across products that work well. I’m so sorry these products didn’t do your skin any good. I’ve been there before!

  9. Shea butter and coconut oil are two of the few things that work for me: to get rid of scars and help with hair. You are one of the first person I’ve heard about having problems with it, I thought it worked for everyone, wow. But I can understand you, my daughter has very sensitive skin many products don’t work for her.

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