10 things you can do to start saving money

Let’s talk about money

We all need some extra cash to be able and do the things we love, buy stuff and to live a relaxed life, without going from paycheck to paycheck and having nothing left at the end. But did you know that by just changing a few things in your daily life you can have extra money at the end of the month? Well yes you can, it’s all about saving people, and for you to be able to do that, changes have to happen to get the yield you want to make your wishes happen. Here are 10 things you can do to start saving money;


  • Cook your meals

    If you actually calculate how much you  spend from take outs every week or going out for meals, you will notice that you would have just bought the ingredients for less and make your own meal. By cooking your own meals, you know what’s in your food by making it healthier if you want, and you save the money you would have spent eating out anyway. Prepare your own meals and save your money.

  • Drink more water

    Some of us enjoy our evening glass of wine, but if you are serious about saving, you need to stop having that drink and just sip on some tea or water instead. You will not only feel better and healthier, but some money will be put aside. You don’t need alcohol everyday, treat yourself once a month then water it is.

  • Stop buying and start selling

    Am sure you want to shout right now, but it’s true. You will be surprised on how many things or items you have at home right now that are either in boxes, have been worn once and others are just in a suitcase somewhere waiting for you to lose that extra five pounds for you to squeeze in. But if you just take them and sell instead, your pocket would be smiling at you and you would have killed two birds with one stone, by decluttering and saving.

  • Carry cash not credit cards

     This by far will be the best decision you will ever make. When you carry cash, you don’t have any room to buy that extra thing you think you need or a family member wants, because you will have to rely on budgeting and use every cent in the best way possible, for the essentials only. So try it out it will help you save extra.

  • Compare stores

    Don’t rely on only one store when it comes to your grocery shopping and other items. Go compare different stores and find the cheapest and one that suits you best. There are very many stores for different things, just choose the cheapest one for the particular item you need. It’s surprising how cheap some items can be.

  • Always use lists

    Writing down a list before going for any kind of shopping will not only make you save a lot of money, but since your carrying cash, you need to stick to a certain budget and buy only what’s on the list and nothing more. Make sure your lists are detailed enough for you not to try to compromise by buying something more expensive that it should be. Start writing a list now and watch your savings grow.To know on how I use lists and stay organised, find it here.

  • Toys for the kids

     We all want the best for our children and I am guilty of this one. But ask yourself, do your kids really need all those toys? Having some is okay but once your child has outgrown them and no one else is playing with them, it’s time to sell them and accept that your child is fine with just a few and make sure not to buy anymore. Some toys can  really be expensive and your child may only play with it once or twice, save that money for a holiday instead.

  • Buy in bulk

    This is a very good way of saving money, when you go shopping and see that there’s a good sale happening, try buying some items in bulk to be able to have stock at home when you need without going back when the sale is over and the price has increased. Buying in bulk will save you money and time for shopping trips.

  • Gym at home

    Am sure there is that monthly gym subscription that you pay for, and only get to workout twice and waste the rest due to no time or something came up. Find yourself a workout  routine you can do at home at your own time and save that monthly fee you pay.

  • Quit impulse buying

    You don’t need that bag you just saw at a store coming home from work. Staying focused is the only way you will succeed. Impulse buying is usually like a spur of the moment type of thing but if you be honest with yourself, you would rather save that money and do something better with it later.10 things you can do to start saving money

So there you go start saving now, I hope these tips and ideas will be able to assist you when you find it difficult to save every month.If you have any questions or just want to say hello, don’t be afraid to comment below.

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  1. Great Tips 🙂 I save a lot when I prep my meals and I also have my little gym at home of a weight and some resistant bands. But it works haha. Thanks for this xx

  2. Great tips, it just come back to the point, only buy what you really need. We buy so many stuff that we don’t need.

  3. I love saving money!!!! I cook all of my meals and do not allot myself any “dining out” money….if I spend money on food, I deduct it from my monthly “fun money”. It saves both my husband and I a ton of money in the long run! Also, we don’t buy any beverages for the household. Only almond milk for smoothies. We drink a lot of water as you can imagine. 😂

    1. That’s great, I can’t remember the last time I dined out because if I can make the meals on my own why bother, plus it will save me time on putting on makeup and dressing up and lots of money too.

  4. Spot on tips. I recently went through my apartment and sold clothes I hadn’t worn in a while on Threadup, as well as household items on craigslist and made a good bit of money!

  5. Great suggestions for money saving! I love keeping a list with me and forcing myself to stick to it!

  6. Cook your meals. Simple yet profound difference maker! It’s so easy to blow money eating out, I wish more people took this advice to heart.

  7. I agree with this list! Especially the part about carrying money to spend instead of your credit cards. I find that when I carry money, I’m more apt to want to hold onto it.

  8. Carrying cash is such a good idea! I actually went through a phase of going out WITHOUT any money, so I knew I couldn’t spend. It was hard (and annoying at times), but it worked! I mean, I couldn’t fail, right? So many good tips!

  9. Very helpful tips. I love the drinking water suggestions. It is amazing how fast the costs of tea, lemonade, soda, and alcohol adds up. Especially when dining out. Also, you very correct with the paying with cash versus a credit card. There is so much more emotion involved with handing over a $20 bill over a plastic card.

  10. All of these tips are great!!! I was just looking into the EBay Valet service yesterday. I have so much stuff I can sell, I just don’t have time to deal with it. And water. Yes! I need to break my coffee habit 😕!

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