As much as I like being organised, there are moments where it get’s out of hand and I end up going back to square one and restarting all over again. Most of the time it’s because I haven’t decluttered for a while and that goes wrong real quick and doing it after a while does help to feel that you’re getting a hand on what’s in your home. Plus once you remove all the clutter, it really does feel good and makes your home cleaner and your life much more easier. That’s why today am here to tell you how to declutter your home.


First thing you need to do is analyse what you have around your house, go into each room and see what you have and know which room to start with. If you were organised before and you just declutter once in a while, then you probably already know what’s in every room. I showed you a while back how I get organised and how it has made my life so much better. Once you’ve perused through each room, we now get into the nitty gritty and here are questions you will have to answer in the process.


This is where your brain may play tricks on you and tell you that you may wear it or use it in the next month or if you lose the last ten pounds. Please do not listen to your brain at this point if you haven’t used/worn it in the past 3 months just get rid of it and don’t second guess yourself. Onto the next question


Maybe you bought it impulsively and thought that you may need it but just as the previous question asked, if you haven’t used it, that means that you never needed it and it’s just taking up space for no reason. If you don’t need it, do yourself a favour and out it goes. If you feel bad about throwing it away, then make yourself feel better by donating the items and you will not feel that bad about it.

how to declutter your home


Your brain will try you again and tell you that there is something you can do with it, well there isn’t because if you needed it, you would have used it and so there’s no point of thinking that you just might later on. So you see, it will be like a mind game but you can do it and just imagine how your house will be without all that clutter that has been hanging around and not helping you in any way.


In my last post here, I talked about how impulse buying just costs you too much money and you will notice this when decluttering where you start finding multiples of the same thing, and then you even wonder when did you get it. If you can count three of the same thing, you need to get it together and just keep one. Honestly, I found three sweaters of the same kind just in different colours and I denied that I was the one who bought them, but once I got rid of two, it created space to get a different item. If you find multiples, keep one and that’s it.


After all that, the last thing into decluttering your home is to organise frequently. I don’t think you would want to go back to how it was once you finish. So try and organise yourself and your home after every month or more depending on how long you can keep it that way. To make your home more welcoming go here. Once you get that done, your life will be much better.

So that’s it, go ahead and start because you now know how to declutter your home. I hope this was helpful and If you have anything else to add on this list do share and tell me in the comments below. For my other posts and news, find them in my facebook page here.



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  1. Hi, I always use the when did I last use something when I have a good old fashioned declutter. Im an organised person so if I have a good clear out with at least they tend to be in organised piles.

  2. ‘Organize frequently” I think is the key. I am trying to follow the idea of “throw 5 things away or give 5 things away every month”. A friend suggested to do this once a week. That turned out to be too much. But doing a small monthly “organizing party” actually works. 🙂

  3. This is such a great theme of a blog post as I need to do a fall cleaning and, indeed, declutter my home. I am like a hamster, and I save anything and everything, I just dont have the space to keep everything. I know I should organize frequently, like you also pointed out, but I just dont have time to do it during the weekdays, so I end up with loads of “rubbish” around the house.

  4. I can’t stand clutter. Most of the clutter around my house is freaking junk mail or the weekly ads. Pair that with my hubby’s clothes all over the house and I feel like my world is caving in. He really needs to look at this list! LOL

    1. LOL, I also get lots of junk mail and my main problem now is my son’s toys which are trying to take over but the only way is to try and explain to him what donating is and why it’s good.

  5. I have been in process of clearing out some of my clutter so this is perfect. The hardest thing for me to do is get rid of things that I think might be useful later….like those little bread tabs haha I have almost an entire drawer full. I think i’ts about time to let them go 🙂

  6. LOL your brain really does play tricks on you when it’s time to clean. I can excuse myself into keeping something I haven’t worn for SIX YEARS if I try hard enough. 😉

  7. Haha I’m guilty of keeping things I no longer use. And now I am reading this blog, I think I might have to declutter again.

  8. These are all great tips for decluttering your home. It is so important to ask yourself if you are going to use and when was the last time you did to determine if you need to keep the item or not. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  9. All these tips are really valuable.Decluttering the home is really essential.I also do decluttering home as a routine.

  10. I fail in this area in the clothing department. Anywhere else I can declutter half way decent. In the livingroom, my child’s room or the kitchen but not so much in my closet. I am going to work harder on this this year. I know I will feel better with a cleaner more organized space.

  11. I guess decluttering is a good way to start 2017! I should do it but I just moved into a new flat so I might have to tidy up first. Great tips though!

  12. Great tips and timely as the new year is a great time to start fresh. Why wait for spring?? We’ve been decluttering over the past month and have two rooms done. It really does feel great when it’s done!

  13. I do need to work on decluttering. I’m slowly doing this so I don’t have piles of stuff everywhere. Thank you for the tips!

  14. I tend to do that rule of ‘do I need it’ with clothes I have not worn in years so I either give it to charity or to family/both. It is a great way to declutter your home, especially mine which is full to the brim haha!

  15. It’s time for me to declutter right now. I do well with clothes but not that well with papers. I usually pack up clothes every six months to give away.

  16. This is right on time! One of my objectives for 2018 is to declutter and get more organized. I am not a hoarder, but I noticed that many of my clothes still have the tags on them. I am going to sort through and determine what I really need, and the likelihood of my wearing an item, and then donate what I know I wont wear.

  17. I need to apply this list to the junk drawers I have. I’m pretty good at making sure I have a spot for everything and making sure everything is in its spot but its mostly steps 3 and 4 that make it end up in the junk drawer and not in the trash, I’ll have to work on this!

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