I have been into skin care for quite some time now, and after getting the routine that suits me and my skin type, It still hasn’t made it easy when my skin decides to just breakout out of nowhere or  sometimes due to the dreaded hormones, either way it’s a battle I will have to conquer one way or another. I added some facial masks in my routine which I am liking. This is my face mask review.


This right here is my holy grail, I use it once or twice a week and I love it, the first time I used it I applied it using my hands and noticed that it was not really the best way, then I decided to use the flat foundation brush for application and it really does make a difference, you do end up feeling your face pulsating as it says and feels weird at first and you might also feel it become itchy, but you soon get used to it and you get flawless results.

It can make your face feel a bit dry afterwards so I do suggest moisturising ones face right after using this mask. The one I usually use is the aztec secret indian healing clay. for products that didn’t work for my skin, see here.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Facial Clay 1 Lb.


 I knew about this from living in Mombasa during my college years, they call it liwa in Swahili and is usually used to make a brides skin flawless. I mix this with rose-water into a paste and apply it the same way, now this mask smells really strong for some people but I don’t really mind it, for the results you get, I ignore the smell. It leaves your skin feeling soft, reduces pores and it’s affordable too and lasts for quite some time.I didn’t have a photo for this since the bag busted and it now resides in a bowl.

3.MY SCHEMING Blackhead Acne Removal Activated Carbon Mask Set

  I know, that’s a mouthful, this mask has steps for one to follow on how to apply it, you first have to prep the skin by massaging the deep pore mineralized water into the skin, then follow with the mask and finally the treatment essence, you have to wait for the mask to dry totally and it does take some time,then just wash your face.

The only problem I had with this one is that if you have small facial hairs, do try to put a thicker layer because it was not pleasant at all. I peeled it off screaming and tearing up at the same time, it was really painful and even regretted it, all in all I did not really see my blackheads coming out as it shows on the box it comes in. Maybe it’s just my skin or I did something wrong, either way it didn’t work for me.

my face mask review
MY SCHEMING Blackhead Acne Removal Activated Carbon 3 Steps Mask Set

These are my used and tested masks.Do give them a try and tell me your results. Any other masks you have tried and willing to share? Do leave a comment below.



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  1. It’s good to see an honest review and not just promoting stuff online. I’m 26 years old and still have pimples here and there. When I was a teenager, I really had bad acne so I didn’t use masks that you have to rip off. Recently, I tried some but I think it did not really make a difference to me.

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