kitchen staples you can use for beauty treatments

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There are many products and ingredients in our kitchens that can help you when it comes to beauty? Well I am going to save you time and tell you how many things you have in your kitchen that you may be ignoring instead of using them in your daily routines. Here are some of the kitchen staples you can use for beauty treatments.



Known for salads,dressings and drinking but it can also be used;

  • As a toner for your face, mix it with water 2 parts water and 1 part apple cider and use it to tone your face. Helps with preventing blemishes and reducing blackheads, and is also good for oily skin.
  • Use it as a hair rinse after shampooing your hair by mixing it with some water, put it on your hair and massage it for a few minutes then rinse and continue with your conditioner. Helps to seal your hair shafts.
  • If you have feet odour, make a foot soak and place your feet in the solution  which helps to minimise the odour. You can repeat this two to three times per week.
  • If you have a clay mask, mix it with some apple cider vinegar and use it as a mask, you might feel a bit of tingling but it works and if you feel it’s too much, you can just add less next time. To see my face mask review find here.

kitchen staples you can use for beauty treatments


Good for baking or;

  • You can use it as toothpaste on it’s own or you can mix it with your normal toothpaste to whiten your teeth due to discolourations.
  • As a scrub,  mix it with some coconut oil and use it to scrub your face and body helps to banish acne but use it sparingly.
  • Use it as a face mask by forming a paste with some rosewater then rinse it after a few minutes.
  • If you have skin discolourations, it also helps my mixing it with some lemon juice and then apply it and let it stay for a few minutes and make sure to moisturise after. Repeat this a few times a week for better results.
  • If you have stained nails due to nail polish, you can dip your nails in a solution with baking soda then scrub your nails and moisturise, also good to repeat this for fast results. more on nails, find here.
  • Another use of bicarbonate of soda is as a deodorant. This really helps to keep body odour at bay.You can apply it directly or you can mix it with an essential oil and use it, really a lifesaver


  • Olive oil can be used as a hair moisturiser to seal your ends and keep your hair moisturised.
  • Use it as a face and body oil, I suggest you do this at night to not smell like you are in a saucepan, but if you don’t mind the smell then it’s okay.
  • Mix it with some sugar and make a body scrub, very good for exfoliation.
  • It can also be used as a nail oil and cuticle moisturiser, to see beauty uses for coconut oil, find here.

kitchen staples you can use for beauty treatments


  • Coffee can be used as a body scrub, good for reducing appearance of cellulite. Mix coffee granules with olive or coconut oil to leave your skin feeling silky smooth and also helps to tighten the skin.
  • To reduce puffy eyes, make a small paste and apply it under your eyes and leave it for a few minutes then rinse and use under eye cream. If you don’t want coffee on your face, try getting an eye cream with caffeine in it.


Not just for beverages and food but also;

  • Both can be used as lip, face and body scrubs. Good for exfoliation and removing dead skin.
  • You can use sugar for waxing by making your own homemade wax, take care when doing this because sugar is really dangerous when hot.


  • Use it as a toner, it’s very good for oily skin just squeeze some lemon juice and dip in a cotton ball and tone your face and be ready for the stinging, but to make it subtle, mix it with some water because it really does sting and helps to reduce appearance of scars, blemishes and blackheads.
  • Mix it with some sugar or salt to make a scrub to exfoliate, helps to brighten the skin and helps with  discolourations too. For more on skin acids, go here.

kitchen staples you can use for beauty treatments


Good to add to food and add flavour and;

  • Turmeric is also good for reducing facial hair, mix it with water or honey to make a paste and use it as a mask to take care of facial hair and also has anti-ageing benefits.
  • It  helps to take care of cracked heels, just mix with some coconut oil let it sit for a while and wash, makes cracked heels heal faster.
  • Turmeric is also used for brightening the skin when used as a mask.


Very lovely in drinks and also;

  • They both can be used as an acne treatment. Honey having anti-bacterial properties can me mixed with cinnamon to make a mask, leave it for a few minutes then rinse it off and moisturise.
  • Cinnamon can be used to help with bad breath, just chew on some cinnamon sticks and you will be good as new.
  • Use honey as a cuticle moisturiser, by mixing it with coconut oil and some apple cider vinegar and massage it into your nails, then rinse and moisturise.
  • You can also use honey as a hair mask by mixing it with coconut oil. Then apply on damp hair and leave it for fifteen minutes, then rinse. Leaves your hair feeling silky and moisturised.

kitchen staples you can us for beauty treatments


Not just for sandwiches people,

  • You can use it as a hair treatment by putting it on your hair and let it sit for a good hour, then rinse it off and continue with your conditioner. On tips on natural hair, find here.
  • Mayonnaise is also known to soothe sunburn, apply on affected area when it’s cold to give you a soothing feeling.

kitchen staples you can use for beauty treatments

Who would have thought that all these products are capable of taking care of most of your beauty needs, I hope you get to try them out and tell me about it and if you have any more ideas? Do share in the comments below.What are some of your kitchen staples that you also use in your beauty routines?

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  1. Who knew these were all possible?? It’s awesome. I cannot wait to try the coffee scrub. I may have had that at a spa once…

  2. This is such a fun post! I knew about the Apple cider vinegar, but I didn’t know about any of the others! I think it’s so neat that olive oil can help moisturize your hair. I will have to give some of these a try 🙂

  3. Wow! There is a great many things that I didn’t know on this list. I knew about baking soda for teeth whitening. We also used to gargle with a water/hydrogen peroxide mix. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I never thought of using what is in my kitchen for homemade beauty product! but that’s a great idea! and rather economical at that!

  5. These are just so many amazing tips! I knew a couple of benefits about turmeric, but the ones you’ve mentioned seem really great!!

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