5 acids worth adding to your skincare routine

When in it comes to beauty, I am still on the search for the best products that I can continue adding to my skin care routine. Hearing the word acid itself takes me back to my experience with benzoyl peroxide which was in the panoxyl ointment I used that really messed me up. I wrote about it in my products that didn’t work for my face post here, now that my skin is back to normal, I am very cautious on what products I apply or plan to put on my face nowadays. Certain acids can be particularly helpful in the exfoliation of the skin, reducing appearance of wrinkles and also taking care of acne. These are 5 acids that are worth adding to your skin care routine.



This acid is an exfoliation alpha-hydroxy acid which leaves your skin having a renewed feeling. It’s also found to boost collagen which helps out when it comes to wrinkles. Since it’s an acid, you should start with a small percentage in order not to damage your skin. I have not particularly introduced this yet since I don’t have deep-set wrinkles but once those bad boys start coming up I’ll be ready for the attack.


This right here is my favourite acid because ever since I started using my aveeno moisturiser which has it, my skin has really started clearing up and my breakouts have reduced. This acid helps to prevent clogging and oil production which is why it’s very good when it comes to oily skin, and is quite mild which helps to tame and put the breakouts at bay. Do give it a try if you have oily skin that you need to take care of.


This acid is best for when it comes to hydration. They are mostly in forms of serums and addition of moisture to your skin really does help for your skin to stay hydrated since the moisture produced from our skin does start to reduce as we get older. The one I use now is the Neutrogena water gel which I already know I was going to get it, as much as I said I was avoiding hoarding products. Anywho, it’s great and I wake up with my skin feeling very moisturised and plump. Keep your skin hydrated people, your skin will thank you years to come.


Mandelic acid is good for pigmentation and women of colour who suffer from hyper-pigmentation. I am also planning to get this and use it as an at-home peel but I will still be sure to get lowest percentages, after I try this one out, I will give a review whether it cleared up my skin totally. If you try it do tell me about it.


To be honest, this will be my last to try since it says it’s supposed to give you a new face, when I hear a new face I think of a burn but many people have tried it and I have seen some reviews which are good. It helps with the texture of the skin, acne, wrinkles and skin problems. It exfoliates your layer of skin and stimulates collagen within the skin. Retinol is a little bit milder and can be found easily but just take care of reactions, if you know you will react to it, don’t try it then. But for the ones who are willing to do this I will still suggest to start with the lowest percentage. Remember, always use sunscreen after this treatment since your skin will be very sensitive to light.

5 acids worth adding to your skincare routine

So go ahead and give these acids a try and tell me what you think about them,to look at my skincare routine,you and see it here and if you have any more suggestions, I will be glad to know about them and try. Do leave me a comment below.

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  1. thank you for sharing, this is good to know! I have been trying out new products and trying to perfect my skincare routine. I’m going to have to try some of these products!

    Carly | preppedupglamour.com

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