what you should include in every blog post

When I decided to start a blog, I told myself to just focus on the launching part and figure out the rest later on. I never thought that writing one blog post had so much more entailed than just hitting publish. What you may ask? every blog post requires certain properties for it to make a good post.These are what you should include in every blog post.

what you should include in every blog post

What makes a good blog post?

  • Should have images
  • Should be easy to read
  • Have good SEO
  • Good grammar
  • Have headings
  • Gets you more traffic

Now that you know what a good blog post is let’s get on with it and see what to include in every blog post.


Have you ever got on a page and all you see are just long paragraphs that never seem to finish? That’s what am talking about, using headings to at least separate some of those paragraphs makes it easy to understand and doesn’t make the reader think that they are never going to reach the end. When you use headings, it makes the reader get your topic even more and it does make it easy for reading which takes me to my second point.


I am not telling you not to use good vocabulary and all but make sure your posts have a flow to them to make it easy to be read and understood. Make the reader not to have to go back and repeat a sentence all because they never understood exactly what you meant, that’s why having good grammar in your content is really crucial but thanks to technology you can use spell checkers. Nowadays, people just want to reach to the solution instead of waiting for it.Β Be straight to the point without beating around the bush.


When you are writing about a particular topic and you know you have another post that might interest the reader or would be related to what you are writing about, then that’s where links get involved. Let’s say you have just decided that you want to start a blog but how you ask? Well here is a simple guide. You see what I did there, put links to help the reader get to more of your content.

what you should include in every blog post


Almost everyone is usually attracted to anything that is visually appealing and Β so even for blog posts, good images are good and if you are in pinterest and need to pin your images, they need to be pinnable and just not dull looking images. I usually create two images for each blog post in order to pin them at separate times. Make sure that the images you use in your blog posts are also relatable to what your blog post is about like a recipe requires a picture of what you made, but you can still get away with random pictures sometimes if you know how to edit them.

Last but not least


This is where good SEO comes to work, If you want your post to be able to be found in google, and we know what that means, more traffic to your site which is a plus. When I started I never knew about SEO but now am hooked, wordpress SEO by Yoast is what I use. Once you install it, it will tell you all the steps to do to in order to optimize your blog post.


Don’t forget to make your audience want to come back to your blog, be sure to ask them what they thought about it and if they have any questions, better yet ask them a question because, why not?

So there you have it, you have started your blog, you have post ideas and now you know what to include in every one of your blog posts. Hope that you do get to use some of these tips and that they make your writing post schedules easier, after all you just have to tick off one by one from the list. Any other tips you would like to share with me? Feel free to comment below.

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  1. Yes, there are lots of things one must do while writing a post – itΒ΄s also good to have a checklist of all this not to forget anything.

  2. Just the perfect post, although I happen to follow all these unknowingly while post, it’s nice to have a checklist so that I never forget any of those in my coming posts. You must know, we get a little carried away while writing and such things can get overlooked, it is a nice reminder.

  3. Good advice. Needless to say though, that first and foremost, every post should have good content, otherwise, no bullet points, SEO or grammatical excellence will help it. πŸ™‚

  4. I totally agree- especially about engaging and asking questions! This makes the audience feel like you want them to tell you more.

  5. Great post. Good advice and I like a blog post with bullet points. It really helps me see what the reader wants me to understand. I also feel that if it’s something really important that you want the reader to know, make it stand out by bolding it or something.

  6. Great tips! SEO is sososo important! I’d also add to make sure your posts are valuable to your reader. Valuable content is easy to share!

  7. Thanks for the tips! SEO has been something I’ve been putting off because I don’t completely understand it. But I think I will just go for it at this point. Thanks for the push! πŸ™‚

  8. I love this post! I am going o save it because sometimes we all need a good reminder and depending now what you are creating it can be difficult to include all of these but reading this it has reconfirmed what we all know and I want to thank you for sharing this info!

  9. Great checklist for what to include in each blog post. It can be easy to forget to optimize for SEO or include a description for links. I would also include to check FB debugger to ensure that the thumbnail and description are showing up properly.

  10. This was very informative and extremely helpful for me as a new blogger! I totally agree with having headings because Blog Posts without them seem very overwhelming. Great post!

  11. Great post! I sometimes struggle with how many headlines I should post. Do you think that you should have a lot of headlines or just a few?

  12. Such a great tips for us to learn, there are some blogger who does ignore this important matters. As a blogger there are such things that we must consider that’s why as much as possible I proofread everytime. Thanks for sharing this will surely help others!

  13. You have great tips! SEO is so important. I really wish I knew what I know now when I first started blogging.

  14. This post was a good reminder to be thinking about images. I usually grab a title image, but sometimes that is the only image in the post and I could use some more to break up the text and liven things up a little

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