the answers you need when choosing your niche

So you’ve been thinking for a long time whether or not you should start a blog and already decided that you are ready to go ahead, but then there comes the issue on picking your niche. What will you write about, will you have different types of topics or will you stick on one particular one or will you be more adventurous and pick around four topics. Either way choosing your niche should not drive you crazy it just might be easier than you think. These are the answers you need when choosing your niche.

What is a niche?

According to the dictionary, a niche is a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment. So let’s get started and see what you need to find your niche.

the answers you need when choosing your niche


What are you passionate about? What do you think strongly of? That’s what you should be looking into, finding your passion can be difficult at times since you may just really love a lot of things that you can’t be able to select a number. What you should do is take a pen and paper and write everything and I mean everything that you are really passionate about and makes you really happy when you think about it. After you have finished writing your list, go through it and check whether there are any subjects that have similarities with each other. Put all that have similarities together and within no time, you will notice that you will have different categories and all you will have to do is choose the one with more points to the other and find one title that sums it all up.


This can be a bit tricky whereby your hobby may be collecting coins or dolls but not really sure how you would right about that. Also your hobby may be swimming but that doesn’t mean you will want to write about swimming for every blog post that you come up with. What am trying to say is look at some of your hobbies and try to branch them out a bit, Many people do photography as a hobby and later on that helps them if they for instance need some photos for their blog which may as well be a blog consisting of travel and lifestyle. Your hobby might be putting on makeup and trying out new trends that already tells you that a beauty blog may just be the one for you, don’t ignore your hobbies they are handy to choosing your niche.


When you are sitting by yourself just thinking, what do you think about? People with food blogs always look for recipes or read cookery books a lot that shows you that it’s always in their minds, fashion blogs consist of bloggers who love dressing up, knowing latest trends or just like looking good in general and so that won’t really be hard for them to find their niche because it’s in their minds always. You think of finance, good write about it, so now you get it if theirs something that is always in your mind and just makes you happy and excited, you will be able to choose your niche easily.



Since social media is really taking over nowadays, it just might help you to know what niche you want to get into. When you take a look at what kind of books you read, what kind of magazines, who do you follow in social media?Maybe you love following bakers, or interior designers or just ordinary people but there will be a similarity on the people you follow or what you read and that will show you that, you know what? “I can do that too”. So remember keep an eye on what your social media interests are, they just might help you to choose your niche.


This I think might just be the most important. You need to be able to find something that you are able to talk and write about without getting bored non-stop . A blog has to have posts and so you need to be able to come with countless titles and you are comfortable talking about them without sounding like you really don’t want to be doing them. So always remember that you need to be able to talk and write about it constantly without getting fed up. Find here what you should include in every blog post.


Last but not least, don’t let not finding a niche stop you from having fun with it. This is supposed to be something that when you get up every morning, doesn’t make you want to curl back in bed but makes you pumped. Don’t be too fast to judge whether or not you will be good at what you choose because you are the only one who will know that and never make it be like it’s pressure for you to choose one from another, do what’s right by you and don’t stress about. You got this.

These are what I could come up with to help anyone out there who is still struggling to find their niche or can’t make up their minds. So if all fails at the end, never doubt a lifestyle blog you can literally put whatever you want that includes you and your life. I hope these were helpful, and if you have any other tips for me do share and if you have more to add, don’t forget to let me know below. How did you find your niche?


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  1. Great post, Joan. I must agree with you that social media is taking over. I must tell you that Twitter is on fire! Check out these tips for business women:

    As an online visibility coach, niche is one of the areas I work closely with clients to flesh out. Not only are riches are in the niches but you must know exactly who you are speaking to when crafting your social media content. This will enable you to maximize your visibility when using hashtags in your online strategy, for example.

  2. Great advice! This was one of my biggest struggles of starting up my new blog, and I still somethings think about if I’m going the right direction.

  3. I know I have found my niche because I can talk and write about it all the time. 🙂 Great article and great way to help people know if they are on the right track!

  4. I struggled with this when I started out, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to focus more on school (I am studying medicine), or broken to lifestyle in general. I ended up choosing the latter, as I thought it would reach a larger base while still staying true to me!

  5. These are really awesome tips for finding a niche. This would have been really helpful when I first started blogging.

    1. You can be more than one but just be able to choose one collective name the best is usually when you just say lifestyle since you can literally talk about anything there or put into categories not to confuse your readers. Also choosing days for specific topics is nice to clarify what you’re going to talk about that day e.g Foodie Fridays talk about food or give a recipe.

  6. These are some great questions to ask oneself in order to decide one’s blogging niche. In answering the question; what is your hobby, I would say that my hobby is running. However, I could not see my self writing about running over a sustained period of time. On the other hand in my response to the question of what is my passion I found my focus. I could talk about issues of injustice for a long time. Consequently my blog’s niche is domestic violence among women and children. the questions are really functional

  7. Great tips! When I started my blog I planned on going in a different direction, but shortly after starting I realized what my real passion is and I have been blogging about that ever since.

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