how to monetize your blog

Almost everyone who starts a blog reaches a point where they start thinking of how they can make some money while doing what they love, after all blogging is work and it takes time and effort. As much as some people may think that it’s nothing other than just writing whatever, I tend to disagree because by the time you think of what to write, then write it and then edit and find images, that is work. So when you hit publish, you know that you are proud of what you have done but will still have to go and do it all over again. That’s why if you think about it, shouldn’t you at least try to make some money from doing it? Plus a little extra money never hurt anyone. I have some few ways on how to monetize your blog.


If you already have some products that you use all the time and have even reviewed once or twice, why not make some extra money from them. All you have to do is find companies that relate to your niche and see if they have an affiliate program or if there is an online store that you always shop at, also check it and sign up. Once you do that, your job is to do honest reviews and try to tell your readers why you bought it, or how will it help them and if someone thinks they could do with that product, then buying it earns you a commission. At the end of it, it doesn’t cost the reader anything when you tell them about what you like only if they decide to try it out. There are many companies with affiliate programs nowadays, don’t miss out.

hoe to monetize your blog


Once anybody starts a blog, they hear about google Adsense and hurry to sign up with it, the thing with hurrying is that Google usually has to review your site and see whether it adheres to its rules. The first time I applied, it was declined and I had to do it three times then wait for them to get back to me every time, so be patient with them and with Google Adsense, your site needs to be having a considerable amount of views before you see some good money flowing in.

So the way it works is once you are approved, you get to put ads on your website and will only be able to earn something if your ads get some views and clicks. Now it doesn’t mean that you go ahead and start clicking your own ads in your site because Google will know and can cancel your account anytime they think you have gone against their rules. This is another way to monetize your blog.


This is another way of monetizing your blog but usually comes with different opinions, some bloggers accept these and others don’t, but it is always the bloggers decision. When it comes to sponsored posts, I think I would only accept it if the product or service is something I would be interested in or I really do like the product and it surrounds my niche. If you want to know how to choose your niche, find here. Also if you do accept to do a sponsored post, do your part and promote it well and not just for the sake of it. Sponsored posts usually contain links that direct the reader to the page of the product or a website and the blogger does receive compensation in the for of products, money or services.

how to monetize your blog


If you are a blogger who would love to coach others on either maintaining their blog or doing something that you know you are good at, well that’s a service right there which you can offer your readers in return for a small amount. You can also host paid webinars, offer freelance writing service and consulting services which is like coaching, either way it is a way to monetize your blog. When it come to products, you can create a physical product that might interest your readers and make it to sell through your website and if the product is good enough, you can continue growing your site and creating more products.


These are like so many nowadays and is the popular of blog monetization next to affiliate marketing. If you have a topic that you are really good at and have lots of information about it, you can be able to sell them in places like Amazon and is a great way to make some income with what you love to do and helping others with the knowledge you have, if an ebook is something that you may be interested in, then don’t waste anytime and start planning one now and once you finish writing it, all you need to do is promote it like there is no tomorrow. So good luck.

I hope that these will help any bloggers out there who are just beginning and decide after some time that they want to start to monetize their blogs. If you have any other suggestions and tips that can help me too, do tell me in the comments below and hopefully we can all help each other. So how do you monetize your blog?

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  1. Great ideas! I feel like there is so many things to know about blogging and this is a big topic for bloggers! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m a newbie blogger so this info is helpful! Im waiting for my views to increase so that I can apply to Google adsense. Do you know exactly how many views/visits are required for approval?

  3. These are great ways to monetize your blog. My friend is just starting out and this post would be perfect for her. I will have to share it with her.

  4. Affiliate marketing is hard to me. I have dabbled a couple of times, but passed on that one. I admire those who really get it going!

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