simple pork stir fry recipe

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I hope you all had a lovely weekend and got to plan for your week ahead. As for me, It was yet another trip to the grocery store and finally got to change my menu, which I normally do after two weeks or switch up some meals once they have become too much for my picky little eater. My son loves noodles and I mean really loves them and so every week, it has to be on the menu and it’s the only meal that never changes.

I usually change the meat we eat it with once in a while but so long as it’s noodles, my little boy is happy. My husband is more of the seafood and no sweet sauces type of man, and when I make my son’s meal, I change few things when finalising the meal to make it a bit different. So today was pork stir-fry which really went well and it’s very simple, so if you need to whip up a fast stir-fry meal, then this recipe is for you. Here is my simple pork stir-fry recipe.

simple pork stir-fry recipe


  • 400 gms pork
  • Onions
  • Olive oil

For the Marinade;

  • Soy sauce (light or dark)
  • Sugar
  • Tomato Ketchup
  • Garlic powder
  • Vinegar


  • To prep for the marinade, cut your meat into bite sized pieces and place them in a bowl.
  • Put a tablespoon each of soy sauce,vinegar and ketchup then a teaspoon of sugar and garlic powder, stir and put them aside for fifteen to twenty minutes.

simple pork stir-fry recipe

  • Meanwhile, chop your onion, I used one big one and put aside. If you want to include some veggies, now is the time to also prep them, peppers go very well.
  • In a pan on medium heat, pour in two tablespoons of olive oil Β and once its heated, put your onions and give it a stir. Make sure they don’t thoroughly cook yet, we just want them to cook for two minutes then remove from the pan and put them aside.

simple pork stir-fry recipe

  • You don’t need to add more oil but if you see it needs some, just a teaspoon will do. Now is the time for your meat, put your meat in and stir until it starts to lightly brown.

simple pork stir-fry recipe

  • While that is going, take the same soy sauce, ketchup and vinegar a tablespoon each Β and a teaspoon of sugar if you want a sweet version and mix them together in a small bowl, you can also add chilli flakes inside if you want it spicy.

simple pork stir-fry recipe

  • Stir the meat once again and now put back the onions and stir both of them together.

simple pork stir-fry recipe

  • Pour in the mixture you had in the bowl and and let it coat the meat and onions.

simple pork stir-fry recipe

  • Prep your noodles then put them in and toss all around for it to coat well with the meat.

simple pork stir-fry recipe

  • Serve and Enjoy.

simple pork stir-fry recipe

Note: If you are going to add any kind of veggies, do the same as the onions by sauteing them for a minute first and setting them aside until the final step where you mix them all together.Hope you do get to try and that you enjoy it,to see my chicken tikka masala recipe, find here, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. What did you think about it?


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