my visit to Kenya holiday roundup

Hi guys, spring is starting and am getting excited. On my last month’s update here, I talked about going on holiday and how scary it was for me since I was leaving my son for two weeks and I had never left him ever since I had him and as much as it freaked me out, it was the best decision. I am going to try and make this post as short as possible by probably bombarding you with my holiday photos that I managed to take when I remembered. This is my visit to Kenya holiday roundup.

How did it all come about?

When we were planning to go visit Croatia last year, I thought of how my husband and son would go by themselves and I would visit my parents instead. At first, it sounded crazy and I ignored it for a while until I started thinking about it more and decided I was going to do it and see how it all goes. So a few months later, I started planning my trip.

If you read my 20 random facts about me post, you already know am Kenyan and my whole family is there so my destination was obviously going to be Kenya. I started telling my son when I was going and how long I was going for just for him to be ready, my mother in-law came to visit at the same time so that she would be able to spend more time with her grandson and help take care of him while my husband was at work. I arrived in Nairobi very early and shocked my family in the early hours, it was a very good surprise.

my visit to Kenya holiday roundup
my visit to Kenya holiday roundup

Next stop Mombasa

I left for Mombasa the next day but was not ready for the moist heat that hit me the minute I landed, I was lucky not to have had any makeup on that day because I think it would all have melted. My hotel for the week was Voyager Beach Resort which was very beautiful apart from the room being a bit of a disappointment, their service was great and had no complains.

my visit to Kenya holiday roundup my visit to Kenya holiday roundup

The hotel had nightly entertainment which I tried to attend after drowning myself in good red wine, after all I was alone and didn’t have to worry about my son getting up at 6 a.m and me having a massive hangover. Let’s just say my whole week revolved around the same routine. That’s what I call ME TIME and it reached a point I didn’t want to see another bottle of wine, but what can I say it was relaxing at it’s best.

Any mothers out there who don’t think they should travel alone, I am telling you right now that you need it and deserve it.

my visit to Kenya holiday roundup

my visit to Kenya holiday roundup

The exciting part

Two days before I left for Nairobi, I met my high school friend Nancy had lunch which led to a girls’ night out afterwards. It had been such a long time since I had so much fun with friends. I was flying the next day after that night and if you were in my shoes, the exhaustion was on another level which meant it was a great night.

my visit to Kenya holiday roundup

If you want a tranquil beach house for your wedding, honeymoon or holiday do check out Msambweni Beach House, believe me you will not regret it and you can also catch them on Instagram and Facebook and see what your next holiday could be. Thank you Nancy for a great time.

My week in Nairobi was more like a recovery week after my stay in Mombasa. The best part is I got to spend time with my parents which I really loved and got to see my siblings and nephews, nothing better than being with your parents and siblings after a long time.

my visit to Kenya holiday roundup

my visit to Kenya holiday roundup

my visit to Kenya holiday roundup

Enough of the photos and back to reality

I am back rested and ready for Mr. tumble and the night garden, I guess I missed that for just a bit. I am also happy that I managed to write and schedule posts before I went, I didn’t even take enough photos of me, that’s how much I was enjoying myself plus I am shy to ask a stranger to take photos of me.

That’s my holiday roundup and I hope to have many more in the future, to be honest, I did like being alone for a while but seeing my husband and my son when I was back really showed me that my family is where my heart is and I will always treasure that. If anyone is wondering if I would do it again the answer is HELL YEAH!

Have you ever thought of having a mini holiday just for you?




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  1. Absolutely gorgeous and serene looking hotel. I would love it there…and yes.. I still enjoy going home by myself (Nigeria) sometimes without my husband :-).

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