5 types of blog posts that generate traffic to your site

When you start blogging, there are many things you have to do and learn to be able to at least get a hang of it and see where to improve on and what to change to make yourself successful. I am by no means saying that I am a pro at this but I am happy to have learnt so many thing as I go along and ready to continue learning even much more. To some, blogging is easy because they are either tech survey or just know their way around computers but to others it’s a nightmare and to be able to know what to do is a plus. We know that once you start blogging the next step is to make  people read your blog, so I have come up with 5 types of blog posts that generate traffic to your site.

You need blog posts that will make people want to come back for more.I am not going to waste any more of your time and will just get right into it.

5 types of blog posts that generate traffic to your site


These type of posts are simple and easy to read through and when people don’t have time to skim through paragraphs, lists are usually your best option. Any post that has a list for something makes it easier for the reader to see what they wanted without having to spend a long time which they might not have on a post. Plus they are posts that are straight to the point without too much explaining just a simple list and your good to go.


Who doesn’t love being shown how to do something? These type of posts are the ones that make you feel you are there to learn something. They usually have either step by step instructions or detailed points on how to do a specific task or create something that you have always wanted to know how to do. I love these type of posts and if you need to learn how to do something again, I am sure you would return to the same place where you found your previous information. Here and here are how-to posts you may like.


I’m a sucker for review posts, any time I can find a review of something be it products, or even appliances, it gives me good information to know whether or not I will be trying it out it’s just like shopping online. When you want to get something you have never used before, recent customer reviews usually help you make up your mind or sometimes you end up ignoring them and get items that don’t really impress. Just like those reviews, blog posts that have reviews from different niches do make it easier for the readers to want to come back and check out more of your site hence generate traffic. Check out a review post here.


These type of posts are as the title says, they are for holiday periods and seasons, like Easter is coming soon so having a post about Easter will be appealing during this time because there just might be someone who needs to create decorations for Easter, know the planning involved and so on, if you know how to make Easter special, share it. Also posts like Spring decor ideas and  Spring outfits make you want to feel that season which makes people want to come back and read more about your ideas.


Blog posts that have checklists for doing something are also a great way to make readers want to come back to your site. Nowadays, people want to get information that will not beat around the bush but will just tell them exactly what they need to check out for them to get what they really need and in the simplest way possible. Some examples include checklists for travelling, packing,moving house, shopping and the list is endless. These type of posts are really useful when in comes to writing content for your blog and generating traffic. Find a blog post which has something similar here.


So that’s it

 I hope that these types of posts will be able to help you when you are stuck in a rut and have nothing to write about aka writers block. I know there many more types of posts out there and I will be happy to hear some of your ideas if you want to share. Till next time and don’t forget to comment below if you have any questions or just want to say hi.

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  1. Huh. Considering my entire blog is a “How To” I’m not so sure that these are the kinds of posts that I can do. usually, I just stick to subject specific posts. It seems to do well for me.

    1. So long as your writing for your audience and know what kind of posts they respond to then that is fine, and since what you are doing is working for you, the better. Thank you

  2. Thank you for the wonderful tips. I have found adding a little humor to a post is a great way to get people to return and share.

  3. Great info – thanks! I know I really need to do a few more of these types of posts this year. Like, the sooner the better!

  4. I definitely need to do more seasonal content–I tend to stick to evergreen content that I know I can recycle in the future, but there’s such a big market for what’s new and happening right now!

  5. We did some list, reviews and how to on the blog and you’re right, they are our best post! especially our “How To” with tips!

  6. Good post Joan. I’d also add that you can write about successful examples from others to show how your readers can solve a specific problem. For example, “How X Company Increased its Twitter Following 175% with this Simple Hashtag”. This asks for a bit more research and also knowing your audience, but works very well.

  7. How to’s are the best. My most popular posts have been those that taught people how to do something. Review posts are also pretty popular for me. I’ve never done lists, checklists, or holiday posts. I don’t know how I can incorporate posts about holidays into my make money blogging niche though. Maybe there’s a way, but I haven’t figured it out yet. I will probably do it when I create my second website.

  8. I really love review posts when people are honest. If the review post is all over the top with good things to say, I feel like it may be slanted. But when both the good and the bad are presented I feel like they are being honest. (A product having a downside doesn’t mean I won’t buy something.)

    1. So true, I also despise when I’m reading a review and everything is perfect even though I have seen others saying it was awful,it doesn’t mean one won’t be interested in it, every product works different on another.

  9. agree 100% how tos and reviews are big in the beauty and fashion industry! ive been doing a lot of how tos and i find it fun though im still a bit hesitant to do reviews as i think i need more experience to do a valid one

    1. Great, don’t put yourself down you are experienced enough to say what you think about a product or anything. The best thing about reviews is it’s all about your opinion. You don’t need to sugar coat anything just be you and all will be fine.

  10. I definitely agree that these are high traffic generators. I love trying to come up with blog posts around holidays…they’re usually some of my favorites to do too.

  11. Really cool article- informative and to the point. I would add one more type of post to this list: posts on helping people generate traffic on their blogs 😁

  12. This is great share! I awaits look for more blog inspiration what to write about. I haven’t done checklist! That’s on my list!

  13. Thank you so much for this list. I need to do more of these posts because I’m always looking to bring in traffic. I do reviews a lot!

  14. These are some great ideas to help bring traffic to your blog. I often find that a post with a good review in can bring in traffic for a long time to come as people keep looking it up.

  15. Those are definitely some of the most popular things to bring people back to the site. I think lists and reviews mostly bring people back. How you present those lists will distinguish you from other lists though.

  16. This post is full of amazing tips and ideas! I never really thought about which types of posts, I normally just tried to stay in my niche. I think that’s all going to change now!

  17. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I have a few how to and list posts. However, I have not done many reviews post. Going to find some great books to do reviews now.

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