how to make your home more welcoming

Make your guests feel welcomed

Having a well organised home all year round is what I always wish for but doesn’t necessarily happen, things come up, taking care of my son, running errands and I go off track then try to pull myself back in and reorganise myself, but there are those times when guests might just stay over and so the only way to make it easier is by making your home to be more welcoming.

how to make your home more welcoming

A bit of planning may be needed but there are those last minute things that you can rally up and be all set without too much stress. Here’s how to make your home more welcoming.

  1. Have fresh seasonal flowers around the home in different locations to make your home feel somewhat lived in and a little bit more cosy.
  2. Make your guest bedroom warm and inviting with a beautifully dressed bed, adding layers on the bed and have bedside tables. Do incorporate warm colours to make it even better.
  3. Add extra towels in the bathroom or bedrooms, and some soaps or extra shower gels, also don’t forget the toothpaste and razors, this makes the guest feel more looked after and thought of and would be highly appreciated.
  4. Have casual dining instead of formal. Make sure you have water and glasses on hand for the guests to be able to help themselves and in an area where they can be seen easily. Also leaving out some nibbles, bites and napkins around is a good idea for the guests to add to their meal and this make them feel relaxed.
  5. Create a cosy area in your living room by leaving out a few books and magazines for your guests to browse through.
  6. Plan your breakfast the night before by setting the crockery, stack up plates, bowls, and cutlery alongside fresh coffee and some tea. Here is how i stay organised at home.
  7. Light scented candles and diffusers around the home to make your home feel more welcoming.
  8. Ensure that your guests have a shelf of their own in the bedroom or a cupboard for hangers, bed linen, extra cushions and blankets is also a good idea.
  9. If you do plan to go for walks out, have extra wellies or boots on hand for the guests not to feel restricted and  make them feel welcomed.
  10. Light the fire if you have a fireplace, and have extra chairs around if you need would also be nice.
I hope these ideas will help to take care of your guests and make your home more welcoming.If you have any more ideas or questions, please comment below.

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  1. I always forget to put out fresh towels before guests stay over! I do remember to put clean bedding but for some reason I always forget about the towels until I’m actually taking a shower myself!

  2. You are an incredible hostess – paying attention to every important detail! My husband and I recently “reclaimed” one of our daughter’s bedrooms (she’s a working engineer with a home of her own), repainted the walls, purchased new furnishings, bedding and decor. It’s now ready for guests!

  3. These were great ideas especially about planning breakfast the night before and setting things up. I”m having guest this weekend so this was right on time. I love flowers so I usually keep them in my house if I have guest or not.

  4. Oh I just love all your tips on making the home more homey for guests. I love adding a few snacks in a small basket that guests can enjoy as well.

  5. Thank you for this. I am terrible with decor and such, so I never know what I’m doing when guests come. Normally I’m like, “Sorry for the piles of laundry.”

  6. These are great ideas. We’ve never had anyone stay at our home that wasn’t a very close family member, so we’ve never had to do anything to make them feel welcome, since they already do. So these are good ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of.

  7. You’re a great hostess. I really like #9. Especially, when people from out of town visit..they might not have the proper things to wear. Also, having some books and magazines in a living room is good so they can stay occupied.

  8. I have a lot of company coming over the holidays. Thanks for the great tips. I want my guests to feel as comfortable as they can.

  9. These are extremely amazing, especially in this season when so many important holidays are coming! I’ll save them for future use, gosh, imagine how useful they would be when Tet holiday comes in my country! Thanks a lot for sharing, I really mean that!

  10. I agree with all these tips. It is important to really prepare for the guests. Casual dinners are usually the start for them to speak up and feel comfortable.

  11. I agree with everything on the list! It is important for use to make every guest comfortable and this is a complete guide.

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