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Finally, I get to write the first post of the year. I know It’s kinda late but it’s all good so long as I do it right? Anyway where are my manners, happy new year to you all and I hope you’re all having a great start to it. Last year, I wrote a post on reasons why I don’t stay to read your blog and as much as it did really well, I also got some backlash from other readers who thought it wasn’t fair and that I was on the wrong. One may think that it would stop me from continue writing but as I wrote on that particular post, they were all my opinions and that I knew some would disagree with me and it was also totally okay if that happened, today’s post is the opposite. Here is why I read your blog.

 I was asked by some of my readers what I would like to see in other blogs and what would make me stay to read them too. So these are my answers and yes people, once again I know that this might not be everyone’s cup of tea but that’s just perfect. We are all entitled to our own opinions, don’t come for me. So what exactly would be in your blog that would make me stay and read it without exiting in seconds?


We all know that we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but I tend to do that sometimes, it’s human nature. When it comes to a blog’s layout, it should be easy to follow and just simple. I know we all all want the most professional looking website but that can sometimes hurt your blog if you’re trying to include too many things from slides, to movable images just let it be. I will read your blog if I’m able to find something easily and fast, from your categories to your blog posts. If I can get to your about page without having to pass through other categories then I’m happy. Make your layout to be simple and easy to manoeuvre without someone having to stress about where to find your comment section or the pin it button.


I will stay and read your blog if your font is readable and the colour is also visible. Have you ever found a blog post you really want to read only to click on it and find that you can barely read the post? I’m talking about the light fonts that you have to squint your eyes to differentiate whether it’s really an “E” or an “O”. I know that some templates come with integrated fonts and all but you can at least find a plugin to make it easier for your readers. Don’t be angry if I tell you that I can’t read your post because your font colour is pastel grey, if there’s even a colour like that or your font is so big that it overpowers my eyes. Onto the next point.



I will read your blog if it has the right length, which I can’t say specifically what it is but usually just depends also on your font size because some may look longer or shorter depending on that. I know as a blogger that you might sometimes have so much information to give and you just want to throw it all there at once but you forget that in this day and age, unless I’m reading a novel, I honestly will not keep on reading your blog post if I see that I’m on page four of a book and there’s no sign of it’s ending, keep it straight to the point and I will read it.


I like blog posts that have inviting images and relate to the context without being too much at the same time. I mean five images is okay but we all know those blog posts that have one sentence to begin with then followed by 12 other images that look totally the same and take over the whole screen and finally finish with a thank you sentence and see you next time. You know yourselves, I will not be reading your blog post if I have to see six photos of the same bracelet, shoes, doughnuts, mountains and sea views just keep it to a minimum please. I have seen it already.


Another reason why I read your blog is your capability of being relatable. Since I usually read more of the same blogs all the time, I have come to know the voice of the blogger so to speak and I am able to relate to them which makes me stay and read their posts. I’m not saying that you have to have a certain something but in a way you sort of already do if you know what I mean because you are being YOU and not trying to be anybody else, that’s why I read your blog, you are authentic and I love that. I wrote more about all this in my other post  here, do check it out.



This might not be a priority for some people but as I said in the beginning, it’s why I read your blog. What I mean here is that when I comment on your post and ask a question, I would like an answer back even if it’s later on. I usually like reading other peoples comments too to see what they wrote and if we have the same thoughts on the post and if the author replied back to them. If I comment asking for advice or help on something and never ever get a respond back, why in the world did you tell me to ask a question in the comments if you were not going to reply back? Once I spot which blog that is, it will be rare for me to come back because you already left a bad impression by ignoring my question.

So there you go, the above points are why I read your blog and also reasons for me to come back again and again. I hope that answered the questions some of you had asked and that I explained them properly. If you have any other points to add on this, feel free to tell me in the comments below. Once again I wish you a happy new year and onto another successful blogging year. What are some of the things that make you keep going back to a blog?





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  1. Great list! I feel the same way. I generally am a fan of blogs that are easy to read, and if I get a reply to my question, that’s fabulous too. Sometimes I do leave replies to comments, but I’m never sure if people come back to see if I have or not.

  2. Wonderful tips! As a new blogger i found this very useful. I especially like the replying back to commentary suggestion.

  3. Sometimes we are so wrapped up in our vision that we forget about our audience when we are putting together our blogs. This was a great wake up call to walk me through basic portions of my blog to make sure that it is aesthetically pleasing!

  4. I agree that the layout needs to be simple and there needs to be an easy flow to the navigation. I can’t tell you how many times I have left a blog because I couldn’t navigate it. As for the length of a post and the photos – I started out with short posts and very little photos until I switched ad companies. Ever since being with them (and which they advise), I have longer posts and more photos. It means more money for me, and this is my full time job.

  5. These are some great tips, I spend a long time reading my comments and trying to reply back to as many as possible and I always wondered is it worth it, do people notice so great that they do.

  6. Hey Joan! This post is concise and to the point. I’m right there with you about simple layout and font. If a blogger has style; it shines through the details as soon as you go to their home page. I think if we are talking about blogs; it IS okay to judge a book by the cover, since if a blog looks amazing (as well as having great content), that shows the amount of work and care it took to build it. We all know starting a blog is not an easy job; but if a blogger wants to stand out in the crowd, they better do their homework and improve their blog every day 🙂

  7. You have a great point of view, and I’m glad you express it. Never worry about those who don’t agree with you – just brush it off! And as always, your posts are full of great food for thought – this one about why your read blogs and what you don’t prefer – is no exception!

  8. I completely agree with all the points you’ve mentioned in the post. Acceptable font, font size and color is extremely important for me to read any post. I am going to keep these points in my mind while writing my new post. 🙂

  9. I try and reply to comments when I can on social media and my blog, especially if they are asking a question. However I completely agree that I am more likely to read a blog if they are relatable and have a distinctive tone of voice. Especially if they are not afraid to speak out about taboo topics as well!

  10. It’s amazing how accurate this list is! I find myself looking for all of these points when I’m reading a blog. It’s why I want to make sure I always respond, and I put out good content!

  11. I completely agree with your points! Simple layout with no pop ups, videos, lot of ads etc… and of course interesting posts with the right amount of words/pictures!

  12. Fonts that don’t contrast well with the background – or even worse, busy backgrounds that are a pattern instead of solid – make any web page a pain to read. And then there’s always the dreaded wall-o-text!

    I don’t know if it’s the current fad or if it’s just the natural direction things will be going, but minimalistic designs are the “thing” in web and blog design these days. Your site does this very well.

  13. I love relatable blogs. Sometimes I think bloggers are just going the editoral route but I like blogs where I can learn and get a personal connection.

  14. Being relatable and having great content for me is Key but it’s also how you engage back as well. I try my best to reply and to follow readers own blogs to share support.

  15. I know what you mean about all of the different things. Especially the 12 pictures before a closing line. I guess if what I am looking for is a sense of fashion, then I would do that. But it really is about engagement in the long run. Keeping your readers interested and replying to them so you have a conversation.

  16. I especially love the engagement that comes with blogging. I will definitely come back to your blog if you answer my questions or just my comment. I’m all for simple designs and being relatable. I also read your other post, and I couldn’t agree more btw. Pop ups annoy me more than anything else in the blogosophere.

  17. These are such good points – especially about the photos. it’s frustrating when you have to scroll through so many photos of the same thing before you get to something to read. I don’t mind if it’s 12 photos of different things, haha!

  18. So true. I try to improve my blog constantly with quality content. It’s funny when some have 10 pics of themselves in one post and all the pics are the same. I can’t have too many pics of myself, it feels too narcissistic to do so.
    Thanks for sharing!

  19. I appreciate that you asked your readers for opinions. I had to change layout for mine because it started feeling cluttered.

  20. I read your post very carefully because I am also a blogger. This post is really useful for me. There you give why we read your blog your topics is very valuable. I learn some how do I blogging. There most impotent topics is color maintain. Thanks dear for your post.

  21. I love this post so much and is so realistic and educative! I love engaging with my fellow bloggers and I love the small community we have . So happy to have connected with you . Thank you for this valuable piece ❤️❤️❤️

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