my tried and tested tips on hangover cures

When one drink leads to another

We have all been in a position where we have had one glass too many, and as much as I always remember how I will feel the next day, I always lie to myself that maybe I won’t feel as bad as last time only to end up feeling like death itself and wishing for a truck to just run me over. So I tried some of the myths to cure some of my hangovers thanks to the internet,  am not saying I get them every weekend because that would just be torture for no reason at all, but we have those parties or family visits where a glass ended up being one too many. Here as some of my tried and tested tips on hangover cures.

  • Just before bed, have a mixture or lemon, water, salt, some sugar, then pop a multivitamin, and a painkiller, yes I know that’s the last thing one would be thinking, but this does work, I saw it in food hospital and I have tried it and would do it again, the solution replaces the electrolytes you used up with the alcohol and does not make you feel as bad as you would without it.
  • Try to either eat lots of cheese or an avocado in order to line your stomach before starting your drinking, or have a good meal that has some fats in it.
  • The other tip would be the type of alcohol you have, the darker the alcohol the worse the hangover. Choose white over red wine or vodka over whisky, I would agree with it only that I do prefer red wine to white but this does tend to work.
  • One other tip I found, was for every glass or one part of alcohol you have, you should follow it with a glass of water, this may work if you want to feel like your stomach is going to explode or you prefer going to the bathroom more than twenty times, for this, stay close to the water tried and tested tips on hangover cures
  • Now, I have heard about having a nice cup of coffee once you get up but I avoid it, because it makes me nauseous and would just make my day continue getting worse after that.
  • The other one I would agree with is having a hearty breakfast made of eggs and bread and to make it even better, make it very spicy and throw in some chilli and you are good to go.
  • When you hear about broth most people would gag after a late night of drinks but if you are up for it and do have good beef broth, cut up some raw chilli and drop them in and drink it slowly until you are done, it will make you feel better.
  • This one is for those people who have nothing to do the next day and don’t have an active toddler running around, which is to have a long hot relaxing bath, pop a painkiller and go back to sleep until you actually feel that you are ready to see the light.
  • The next tip is after your breakfast, and a short rest, as much as you don’t even want to see a bottle of beer, wine or any spirit again, you should have a glass or two of what you were having the night before and you will feel much better, but don’t and I mean DO NOT continue drinking after feeling better , the second hangover would be much worse.
  • The last tip would be thank your hangover Gods that you barely survived this one and promise never to drink again, we all know we have said that before and remember drink safely.

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I hope these tips will help somebody during this festive season and for on how to make your home more welcoming go here, do share and tell me your opinions, and if you have any tips that I do not know of please comment below.

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