my three day gousto trial

Hi everyone, I hope you’re having a lovely week. Last week, I got a chance to try out Gousto and wanted to come here and tell you my thoughts on it. To be honest, I didn’t know what I would expect since I had never tried any service like Gousto before, and only hoped for the best and believe me, I was impressed. This is my three day Gousto trial, before I continue let me first tell you what it is.

my three day gousto trial

Gousto is a service that offers recipe kit boxes which include fresh ingredients and step-by-step chef-designed recipes. It’s not only mega convenient but it delivers straight to your door-step. Their mission is to enable you to

  • Cook something different every day

  • Have fresh food for delicious meals

  • Have pre-measured ingredients

  • It’s no fuss, no waste.

How does it work?

Well it’s really simple, all I did is visit their website, chose the number of people the meals are for, you have a choice for 2 or 4 and get this, their family boxes feed 2 adults and 2-3 children, convenient right? And you choose recipes 2,3 or 4 per box and they do deliver free Nationwide which is a plus. So I chose meals for 2 people and then chose where it should be delivered, the day and they deliver from 8am-7pm. Now to the exciting part, the recipes.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, these are my honest reviews on trying out the service and my thoughts. Now, let’s talk recipes.
My three day gousto trial
My recipes to replicate

My three recipes were; Indonesian chicken rendang, posh open burgers & rosemary chips and curried fish with coconut rice & lime. My box arrived on a Sunday morning and I was so ready to see the contents and what I got. My box contained freshly packed ingredients and recipe cards which had step-by-step instructions with a photo of the finished product on the other side which I wanted to be chefy and replicate them. Each recipe card had the amount of time it takes to make each meal which helped me to figure out which meal would be for which day according to my schedule.

My results

As planned, I made the meals for a total of three days and will be showing you my results. What I can say about the recipes? They were really easy to make and were delicious, honestly, when I saw the cards at first I thought that they would skimp on the taste but they were seriously delicious. From the coconut rice, which I would never think to make rice with cream of coconut but totally works and will be doing it again. So here are my meals that I made and tried to replicate, and I must say, I kinda nailed it. Well hopefully anyway.

My three day gousto trial
Curried Fish with Coconut Rice & Lime
my three day gousto trial
Posh Open Burger & Rosemary Chips
My three day gousto trial
Indonesian Chicken Rendang

My meals may not necessarily look like the originals but at least I tried to make them look somewhat that way. I am happy that I got to try it out and my family also loved them. The fact that you can make fast fresh meals without the hustle of going out to sort your own ingredients is really helpful and they also cater for different diets or lifestyle from vegetarian, low-calorie, family friendly and quick & easy. If you know you need some ideas on how you can manage to prepare delicious meals for yourself or family without going to the store, then Gousto may be your answer.

Would I use Gousto again?

Well I am sure that’s the question most people would want to ask and to be honest, yes I would. It’s a subscription service and if I think I don’t need it for a while, I can go and pause my subscription and turn it back on when I want it again. Plus the recipes you get to choose from are really good and creative, there are many meals I would still want to try because If I can then why not and I would get to enjoy meals that I never thought I would ever make, keeping in mind I do love cooking but always stick to my usual meals so something different makes me come out of my comfort zone, which is something I need to do more often. So those were my three days of gousto meals I got to try. Here are more of my recipes.

I hope these helps you to figure out whether or not you should give Gousto a try. If you’re to busy to think about what you should be having every day and just need an easy way to enjoy delicious meals everyday, then go ahead and subscribe to Gousto and make your life easier, what are you still waiting for? I would like to know your experience too and if you have tried them before, do share in the comments below. Till next time.


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  1. I think I’ve seen this advertised so it is nice to see it in action (looks yummy). I get so bored of always eating the same thing, maybe I should get involved!

  2. I think I would enjoy this. The food looks amazing. I might have to try it out. I think everyone in my family would like it too.

  3. I have heard of so many meal box services, but this name is a new one to me. I actually enjoy recipe creating, and cooking (I’m a food blogger), but it’s nice to pass that job on to someone else (my husband!) This would be perfect for him on those nights that I just want a break from the kitchen.

  4. I have heard of Gousto before and I think a subscription meal service is a great idea! the food looks great too!

  5. Do you know what I have never tried Gousto before but do you know whether there are some good veggie options I would so like to try it! I love the idea of coconut rice and the rosemary chips look delicious x

  6. That burger looks delicious. I want to start there! I have never tried a meal service but I like the concept. It’s a great way to try new items too but, I like the meals are fresh and healthy and easy to make.

  7. Recipe kit boxes are becoming the norm of the hour. I have tried some earlier, but I never heard of Gousto. Gousto seems to make cooking easy and fun. Will try it this year. Cheers!!

  8. Your recipes look like they turned out well. I’ve never tried a service like this (because I’m really cheap), but it looks like your experience was a success!

  9. I am a pure vegetarian person and I have an option here and that’s wonderful. Thank you. Loved the recipe.

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