how i stay organised at home

All about organisation

Being organised has never been my strong suit, but after having my son, all that changed and I had to find a way of making everything run smoothly in the household. I am not perfect and the only way I would make my life easier is by being organised. These are some of the ways on how I stay organised at home.

how I stay organised at home


The first thing I did was declutter and clear out all the mess in every room that never seemed to be of any use. Some of the things were years old and removing that stuff does create more space. Plus, it showed me that some of the things I had were not that necessary and were due to impulse buying all about that here.


After removing all the unwanted stuff, I made sure that I knew exactly where every single thing was going to be placed and that it was clear for everyone in the house to also know in order to avoid confusion. From clothes, to detergents and dishes, everything has its place.


This right here has been my saving grace, before having a chore list, I used to just wake up any day and decide that today I will vacuum or wash the towels or change the sheets. But after a while I forgot when I did what and with a toddler running around and meal times, I had to come up with something. Nowadays, I know when to thorough clean and when to do some light dusting and the washing is sorted.


I used to cook anything that came to mind according to what ingredients I had available. But I changed all that and now have a menu pasted on the refrigerator which not only makes cooking easier, but when I get to do grocery shopping, it halves my time since I know what I  have and what I need more of, to know more on saving money go here. I usually change my menus after two weeks since my son is quite the picky eater.


A routine not only makes you feel at ease but you do end up getting things done much faster. It is a lifesaver without being all OCD. To get a great planner check this one out here.


I introduced this when my son started nursery and I had to go pick him up from school, thanks to my routine I had to put that in and now everything flows smoothly, I know what time I should wake him up, give him his bath and his meals. I also get to have my own free time which is perfect because I really do need it.

These are some of the ways I stay organised at home and I hope they will help someone. Do share some of the ways you do stay organised.

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  1. I struggle with staying organised. Even after I have de-cluttered and created a list, I quickly forget about it and I’m right back as square one. I think what I have to work on more is time management. This is my main issue. Thanks a lot for the tips and reminder 🙂

  2. Wow! these are the fab ideas, thank you for sharing and totally agree with all the ideas above. I follow the same.

  3. I so agree with this! Meal planning is a life saver! We homeschool so I’ve found that using a whiteboard to write down a quick general outline of our day helps to keep everyone informed of what’s going on and what needs to be done.

  4. Now that I have a set routine for blogging, I feel a lot more organized. I also do batch working where I complete the same tasks during a set time. That helps a lot.

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