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I hope you all had a lovely weekend and starting this week off right, another week calls for another post and today I decided to come on here and share with you a recipe of one of my delicious bites that I love to make. Samosas are great when it comes to entertaining or even as snacks and the best part is that you can make the filling with whatever your heart desires so long as it’s edible. I used meat in mine but if you’re a vegetarian, you can use potatoes and peas or a medley of your favourite vegetables and you’re good to go. This is how to make my tasty homemade beef samosas.



  • 500gms minced beef
  • 1 onion
  • Garlic powder
  • Olive oil
  • Ground cumin
  • Fresh coriander
  • Garam Masala
  • Salt&Pepper
  • Flour
  • Water
  • Limes
  • Vegetable oil


  • In a pan on moderate heat, put in a tablespoon of olive oil and  once it has heat up add in your meat.

tasty homemade beef samosas

  • Meanwhile, chop your onions and coriander and set them aside.
  • Stir your meat in order to break it down and brown it for around fifteen minutes, If your meat has a lot of oil, pour out the excess or remove some of the oil with a spoon.
  • Once the meat has browned, take your onions and add them in and stir for another ten minutes to cook the onions.

tasty homemade beef samosas

  • Then take a teaspoon each of cumin, garam masala and garlic powder and add them to your meat mixture then stir once again.
  • Now it’s time for some salt and pepper to taste, your coriander then squeeze in juice of one lime and you’re done.

tasty homemade beef samosas

  • Set aside to cool.

For the Dough

  • Unlike my chapati dough recipe, this is pretty similar minus the oil and warm water. For this dough all you need is flour, cold water and salt mix them together to form a dough and set aside.
  • I did not give you specific measurements for the dough because this is according to preference and the size you want your samosas to be.
  • For big samosas you will need more dough and for normal sized you need less just remember that the bigger the samosas the more filling you will need.
  • I ended up using only 1½ cups of flour and more for kneading and rolling out.
  • Divide your dough into equal balls and know that one ball makes two samosas.

tasty homemade beef samosas

  • Roll out your balls with a rolling pin and try to make them circle shaped and thin without tearing the dough apart, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

tasty homemade beef samosas

  • Then pan-fry each one of them for 1 minute each side and set them aside.

tasty homemade beef samosasTo Assemble

  • Now comes the assembling, take one of your circles and cut in to half vertically.

tasty homemade beef samosas

  • Take one half and intersect them to form a cone and with a mixture of water and flour to form a paste, use it to stick both sides together.

tasty homemade beef samosas

  • Continue with each circle and form cones and once that’s done, take one cone and using a spoon add your filling then fold the end and stick together using the paste and set them aside.

tasty homemade beef samosas

  • Add fillings to all the cones and seal the ends well with the paste, make sure not to have any holes to avoid oil getting inside when it’s time to deep fry.

tasty homemade beef samosas

  • Now it’s time for deep frying, and all you have to do is heat up your vegetable oil and drop one by one but don’t over crowd the pan.
  • Turn them after 2-3 minutes once they have evenly browned and place them on parchment paper or serviettes.
  • Once you have finished all of them, it’s time to eat, cut up wedges of limes, prepare your favourite dip.
  • Serve and enjoy.

tasty homemade beef samosas

Note: I usually like my samosas really spicy so if you’re like me, you can divide the filling into two throw in chillies or jalapenos in one half and leave the other non-spicy, just remember that after deep frying to separate them into different plates to be able to know which is which.

So that’s it, I hope I made them look simple enough for you to give it a try, if you have any questions do leave them in the comments below and I will be happy to help. In case you missed my  delicious mac and cheese, you need to check it out. Until next time thank you for stopping by.



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  1. Love this recipes. Hubby and I love Indian food and this will pair perfect to when he will cook up some Lamb Curry.

  2. I have been thinking to make beef samosas for weeks but your post motivated me to make them now. Also, I never knew that we could heat the (roti) circle shape. It looks a lot easier to fill them this way. Very detailed post.

  3. These look good. I hate making bread and dough but, it would be nice to get over that because I miss out on making a lot of things.

  4. im not sure if I ever had samosas before. Are they like empanadas because they look like it but I love empanadas so if they are similar I would love to samosas!

  5. These look so amazing. I have never heard about them. The recipe looks simple enough, although I would be a little worried about putting it into the containers for each one. Worth trying at least once though.

  6. Trying new foods is a little hobby of mine and this Samosas recipe looks mouth watering. I had samosas once in a while but I had never tried making my own, it will be fun. Especially, making them with my kids.

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