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I hope that you all had a lovely weekend and are ready to rinse and repeat. Last week was all over the place for me, my son is starting school and I’m happy for him and nervous at the same time too. So since it’s going to be school errands every single day, I really don’t have the energy to be making my hair every single day and that’s where my protective styles come in and rescue my life for a month or two. Natural hair is not a joke and the struggle is real, so giving my hair a rest from all the twist outs and flat twists is necessary. I know there are various kinds of hairstyles out there but these are my go to protective hairstyles for natural hair.



What is protective styling?

This is styling your hair in a way where you keep your ends hidden as much as possible and the hairstyle requires very little to no manipulation at all thereby allowing you to only moisturise when need be thus keeping your hair protected. Now that you know that, I’m going to share with you my go to hairstyles.


Most people would disagree with me on this hairstyle because as much as it does keep your hair protected, it can end up going wrong on you and can get rid of your edges while removing them. I love box braids because I do them by myself and I take care of my edges when I’m braiding them and undoing them too. Usually when I’m back home, I only go to one particular salon where I trust how they do my box braids and know that I will not end up with damaged edges at the end of it all. These box braids end up lasting me a month and that’s a well deserved break from all the styling. All you have to do is keep them moisturised with some water and oil and you’re good.

 protective hairstyles for natural hair


The first time I saw crotchet braids, they were the thick twists and so me being the follower thanks to youtube, I went ahead and got the same kind and thought that it would be good for me too. Well, after almost dying with the worst headaches, I removed them after a day and decided to find the kind of crotchet braids that suited me. I wanted something light, easy to style and last long and finally found them. These braids last me two months and are not heavy at all, light as a feather and I always go back to them when I want to install crotchet braids.

protective hairstyles for natural hair


Twists are also my other go to protective style that I love, I usually do them medium sized compared to mini twists to save me time when it comes to undoing them. The best thing about these twists is that you can be able to create different types of styles with the twists themselves without having to undo them. Having an updo with a couple of bobby pins and you are done. The twists usually last me two to three weeks which is enough for me, all I do is moisturise twice a week.


This is one of my fastest protective styles when I need to be out of the door asap and have no idea what to do with my hair. All I do is put it in a low bun, sleek my edges and tuck my ends to keep them protected. I try to keep my bun for as long as I can occasionally brushing it back to place and tying it with a scarf and the style is good for another week when I’m ready for my wash day and deep conditioning.

protective hairstyles for natural hair


This is usually my go to style when I’m feeling a little bit extra or I already have conrows in my hair and not really bothered to undo them. All I do is throw on a wig, neaten my edges and that’s it, the wig I have is from premier lace wigs and has been saving me for three years now. The only thing I need to do to it is wash and condition it from time to time and it’s good as new again, ready for the next outing.

 protective hairstyles for natural hair

So there you go, those are my go to protective hairstyles for natural hair every time I need to give my hair a rest and also when the weather decides to do it’s own thing. Since Autumn is right around the corner and school days are starting, I’m so ready to take care of this hair and give myself a break. What are some of your go to beauty routines that you always go back to?

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