my top beauty products

These are my top beauty products that I am not planning to change for a long time, as they say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. From brushes, to moisturisers and masks.


Before I got this brush, I had my eyes on the clarisonic and thought that it would not impress me, but after three years of using the magnitone, I have no regrets and am still excited every time I get to use it, because it does the same thing it deep cleanses my skin, removes my remaining makeup perfectly and has no faulty issues plus it saved me some money compared to the clarisonic. I change the brushes every six months and until I decide to replace it, am good with this one.


I started using this when I ran out of apple cider vinegar and I must say, I love it, not too harsh very refreshing and it just makes my skin feeling clean and clear and my breakouts have really reduced after sticking to this toner.


This moisturiser is the it for me, I used to ignore it thinking it was just another one claiming to reduce breakouts, but it has made my skin better and will continue using it because  I am hesitant to try out another product. Even when I know I have a new product to use, I still go back to this one because it’s the only product that works for my skin finally.


It’s not only pocket friendly, but the results are amazing and for the amount you get, it will last you long. I chose this as my top beauty product because it does exactly as it says it would, your face feels like you thoroughly deep cleaned it but without the scrubbing effort and with flawless results, I am not planning on changing it anytime soon for more on my face mask review,find it here. Perfect product in my opinion.


I like full coverage when it comes to my foundation, and this right here just does that and I like the colour range they have for women of colour. I plan to try out more foundations but I promised myself to stop hoarding products and finish one first, yes it’s hard but am focused. I usually mix it with my revlon colorstay foundation but am going to continue using it because I love it.


This is my last layer when it comes to my night time routine. The first time I used it, my skin woke up feeling plump and so soft and now my husband uses it and he loves it.I wrote about this in my skincare routine here. It’s a good night cream that’s why it’s in my top beauty products.I am tempted to try out the Neutrogena water gel  because the packaging looks so cool and serene. Anyway I will continue using this and I will get the Neutrogena to try out. Will give my review after I get it.

My list would continue but I decided to stick to the beauty products that I know are usually difficult for me to change and love using. If you have any questions or you would like to tell me about your top beauty products, please do tell.

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