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It took me a while to figure out what my skin really needs, and had to learn how to keep up with it during changing seasons and hormonal breakouts. I started researching more about the Korean skin care, and the number of steps it takes for daytime and night-time routines, was too much for me. After trying it for a while I noticed that I needed to reduce some of the products since my skin was taking none of that layering system, so I decided to create my own spin on the Korean skin care with the amount of products my skin can take.This is my skin care routine.



I donโ€™t normally wear makeup everyday but even if I do, I skip the oil cleansing part and go straight to cleansing my face using the biore charcoal cleanser, which is a favourite of mine and will keep on using it until I find something else. I love the tingly feeling it leaves, just make sure it doesnโ€™t go into your eyes cause thatโ€™s painful, for me anyway.


After my cleansing, I usually tone my face using the dickinson witch hazel toner which I just got but was using diluted apple cider vinegar before and that also did the job perfectly.


This is a step from the Korean skincare that I kept and really love, it just adds more moisture to the skin and feels very refreshing, for my essence, I use Missha Time Revolution the First Treatment Essence. I plan to change this once it finishes and try out others out there.


I really love serums and would have ten if I could but am avoiding hoarding products which is easy for me, the one I love now is the Olay anti-wrinkle firm and lift serum. I love its smooth application and has a bit of a shimmer to it which is great too.


Then comes my next step which is to use my Aveeno clear complexion daily moisturiser, I love this one particularly because it has salicylic acid which helps with those breakouts that decide to pop out of nowhere sometimes. I usually decide to stop here or add more depending on daytime or night time.During the day i slap on some sunscreen and am done.


I introduced this to my skincare routine for mostly when my skin needs more moisture or during winter, my current fave is palmers facial oil. This is a keeper for now.


During my night time routine I just add one more layer of the timeless skin collagen elastin moisturiser from St.Ives. It has a very thick consistency and does the job as a final seal and my skin wakes up feeling very soft and plump.

Once or twice a week I usually use my St.Ives scrub which I ย really like and is not very harsh while scrubbing, plus it removes dead skin and leaves my skin feeling fabulous. I then follow this with my mask which is in another post with reviews on my facial masks here that I use and love.

You might notice that I skipped the ampoule, emulsion, the eye creams and sleep packs that come with Korean skincare because my facial oil takes care of that and all the products can be found on Amazon which is perfect. Hope you liked my skincare routine and I would love to hear some of your favourite products, routines and if you have tried any new stuff lately, do comment below.








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