how to stretch natural hair without using heat

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Straightening hair takes a while, but when it comes to natural hair that’s a whole other ball game. Everyone knows that heat would damage your ends leaving you with more to fix later on. There are many ways to stretch natural hair. Here is how to stretch natural hair without using heat.



Threading is a way of stretching natural hair with  thread which you use by twirling it around sections of your hair and then tying a knot at the end.The type of thread does matter because the thicker the thread,the better.Also make sure you do this in sections that are not too thick but just medium.

You could do this on damp hair but to achieve straightened looking hair, wait for your hair to dry then start doing the threading and do moisturise your hair before doing it and do take care of your edges not to tighten too much or you will damage them.


This method has the same concept as threading only that instead of using thread, you use rubber bands.You need a lot of rubber bands to do this depending on the length of your hair.Take your bands after sectioning your hair as if you would do a ponytail only that this time it’s in small sections of hair and after one band, tie another band almost an inch or two inches apart from the first one.Make sure that you don’t over tighten the bands to cause breakage to your hair but just enough to hold it down.Doing this on hair that’s not too wet also does help.


Natural hair loves buns,not only as a protective style but to also stretch your hair and make it look more straightened.So remember whenever you know that you need to stretch your hair out for the next day then just tie it up in a bun. You will not get the flat-ironed texture but we just want it to look straightened, so after putting it in a bun your hair will look longer and stretched with no heat which is a plus.More tips for healthy natural hair can be found here.


This one here is my favourite and if your hair is not long enough to do a bun using this method is beneficial. Section your hair and box braid each piece to the end and pin it at the bottom.Then when you take them down, your hair will be more stretched than before.This way, you can go ahead and style it the way you wanted compared to it being in it’s shrunken state.


Everyone has heard about curlformers  and you can be able to stretch your hair into a beautiful hairstyle with no heat used.It usually comes with a hook for you to be able to use to put your hair into the curlformers and get your desired hairstyle.I also think that doing this on wet hair is not a good idea but if you have done it on wet hair and it has worked before then please tell me in the comments below.

Hope you liked these ideas and do give them a try, and if you have any questions or suggestions for me, do let me know.

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  1. Excellently well said! I love braiding my hair although at winter it takes forever! Can you imagine it took me 2 days and my hair wasn’t dry yes?! Haha !!! Keep it up dear!

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