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Hello everyone. I know it’s been a while and I’m happy to be back. The past two weeks have been tough dealing with being sick and just not feeling great at all. But now I am a bit better and getting back to feeling like myself again which is the best feeling ever. This post today is for those people who just started blogging and are still figuring out how to increase their page views without selling their souls or having to buy something to get the information they need. So here is how to increase your blog’s page views if you are a newbie blogger. In case you missed my post on the mistakes I did before launching my blog, do check it out here.

Blogging is really like a hit or miss sometimes whereby what may work for one blogger may not necessarily work for you and that is totally fine. There’s no point of beating yourself up if you tried what another person did and it just didn’t work. All you have to do is regroup and find new strategies that will work for you. I’m just going to stop rumbling here and get on with the main points, clearly it’s been a while since I wrote a post.

how to increase your blog's page views


In order for you to increase your page views, you need more visitors to your site ย and for that to happen, the content you put out there has to have good quality. If you came into blogging thinking that you are going to write about anything that pops into your head, then you really need to rethink why you started blogging but if it’s just for fun then by all means do you and don’t let me stop you. The content you put out should be able to help someone else and make them want to stick around and read more of your content and even share them. Putting out good quality content is key to increasing your page views and making your readers come back. There’s no point of having 50 posts if you only 5 that are of good quality.


As much as quality of your posts is key, you also need to stick to your niche and not be all over the place when posting your content. Stay along the lines of your niche and don’t deviate to other topics that really don’t mesh well with what your blog is all about. Be niche specific and stick to it, if you’re still not sure what your niche is, here are some answers you need to figure it out and start brainstorming blog post ideas around your niche.


Blogging is all about being consistent and having to publish posts regularly not only to make your readers keep coming back but to also get new ones hence increasing your page views. Without consistency, your blog will increase in readers at one point then suddenly drop again making you go on a roller coaster of highs and lows every time. So for you to keep increasing your page views, have a smart schedule on when you will be publishing your posts and stick to it and you will see a definite increase in your page views. I know there are times where you can beย posting consistently but still your views are remaining stagnant, here is where my next point will be of help.


Once you have quality posts, you’re staying in your niche and are being consistent, the next thing you will need to do is promote the hell out of your posts. Actually the writing and publishing is not as important as promoting because at the end of it all, “What’s the point of having good content and no one there to read it?”. The best way to promote your content is through social media, be active on the platforms you choose, join active facebook groups and share in the threads provided. My page views have increased just by joining facebook groups, if you are active on instagram, twitter then use that to promote your posts. There is always someone online at a given time around the world so make use of social media and by seriously promoting your content, you will see an increase in your page views.


You all know about Pinterest by now and how it will increase your page views if used correctly. Still new to it, here is a beginner’s guide to help you out. When I started using Pinterest, I read about how it could increase your page views tremendously and I jumped onto that wagon like nobody’s business but the mistake I did was not using it in the right way. Pinterest is all visual and what is pleasing to the eye, your pins need to be long and vertical and I did ignore that at first until I noticed that I stopped having repins because of that and had to redo all my images to suit the requirement. After changing my pins, I realised an increase in repins and visits to my site. Also make a point of joining groups within your niche and share your content in the group boards.


Along with Pinterest, tailwind is not far behind and I’m sure you have heard of it too. Tailwind helps you to schedule your posts without doing them manually and saves you time too. It also let’s you know how your boards are doing and where to improve on. If you haven’t tried tailwind before, you can sign up here and start your free trial and see whether you like it or not. Also remember that Tailwind also has tribes which you can join too and be able to share your content there which would increase your page views, just remember not to annoy other pinners by spamming them with your content all the time. Share other people’s content too but don’t forget to include yours which was a mistake I did when I began using tailwind. Do give it a try and see how it works for you.

So there you go, these are my simple tips on increasing your page views for free and not having to stress about it. If you have any questions for me or have any other points to add, please do share in the comments below and remember that blogging is a journey, success may happen overnight but it can also take some time. What are the different ways you use to increase your blog’s page views?

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  1. We find these tips to be very helpful! we’re new bloggers trying to grow our audience. Being active on social media has helped us a lot. We’re still trying to figure out Pinterest though.

  2. Thank you for this post. I am fairly new to blogging and I’m slowly but surely gathering up all these wonderful tips, applying them and seeing results! I am currently trying to focus my niche and write more high-quality content.

  3. These are great tips! Pinterest is my life saver. I had a busy week last week and didn’t post or promote anything, but I was still getting daily 50-100 readers from Pinterest a day.

  4. Great tips for increasing pageviews! I absolutely agree about quality over quantity. It’s also important to create content that is helpful to others and either answers a question or solves a problem. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Those are some great tips. While I think I have the niche and content creation part worked out, promotion remains my biggest struggle still. Facebook groups are great and they bring visitors but only on promotion days. Being part of 15 isn’t helping the cause at all. I am trying to filter down to 4-5 most meaningful FB groups. Is that a good number?

    1. oh wow, 15 groups? that’s quite a lot. If they are not helping at all try and narrow them down to the most useful and most active so that it can give you extra time to focus on the promoting rather than trying to see which group posted what. Go for around 6 to 7 and choose ones that do benefit you at the long run.

  6. Thank you for your recommendations! These are things I have heard before but it is easy to lose heart and forget so I appreciate your reminders!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Good advice- we all need to be reminded of whats to increase our blog’s page views. Some of the solutions are simpler than we think

    1. Tailwind helps you schedule your pins onto pinterest which saves you lits of time while stumbleupon is sort of a bookmarking site only that you have to be careful when in comes to your bounce rate because it can really increase if your pages are not really being read but just stumbled.

  8. Thank you so very, very much. It’s been a few years and I am still working on this thing called “growth”. I think that I have good content and people who read my posts say the same, but I don’t see the followers, the likes, shares or comments yet. I am just getting into the Facebook groups thing and it is a big help! I appreciate this post so much!

    1. Don’t worry life happens and it can sometimes drive us crazy but we get back to it, I also didn’t blog for a month and felt really bad about it but I came back to it and persevered. Happy blogging.

  9. Thanks for the tips Joan. I plan on getting started with pinterest sooner than later. From what iv seen its one good way to get your blog out there.

  10. Thanks for the tips Joan. I plan on getting started with pinterest sooner than later. From what iv seen its one good way to get your blog out there.

  11. I couldn’t agree more with the tips you provided! I have personally found over time that consistency really is the most important thing in driving steady traffic to my blog.

  12. Hello Joan
    Thanks so much for sharing, it seems every blogger`s worry is traffic,you write and write and eems like no one is checking your blogs,no traffic and the few people who happen to visit the blog seem like in a hurry to leave.
    Really appreciate your tips.

  13. Great list! I’ve been killing myself on FB, Twitter, and IG but at the end of the day it’s the Pinterest that drives the traffic! Thanks for the reminder. Gonna be all about Pinterest in November

  14. These are good tips! I really need to get into Pinterest it sounds like, so many bloggers recommend it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope that you are having a great week and that you have a nice weekend ahead of you!

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