how to be a good mother

This is by far something that almost every mother worries about, and thinks whether they are doing it right or wrong. Well here are my tips on how to be a good mother and be proud of it.

1.Slap yourself real hard right now for even thinking that you are not good enough, really? You birthed a child or children, that itself should keep you smiling and be grateful. Somewhere out there someone wishes they had what you have, as much as you may think it’s not enough. Am telling you it is.

2.Stop comparing yourself to your mother or other mothers out there, you are not them and never will be. Do what you want for your kids and be proud of it, make the decisions,stop doing something just because you saw another mother doing it. It’s your child make your own mistakes not someone else’s.

3.Nobody is perfect, you are allowed to go nuts for a while, scream, shout, cry, have a messy home and dirty clothes. It’s normal give yourself a break, have a glass of wine and chill out for an hour or two, then go back to it.

4.Pray, meditate whichever you choose, get some alone time to know yourself spiritually.

5.Be patient, kids can be challenging sometimes, but you just have to remember they are also adorable and rely on you, plus they bring you so much joy, get to understand them and be at their level while talking to them, all will be fine.

6.Be supportive always, be there and take an interest in your child’s interests too, ask them questions and involve yourself in their activities. To see how you can help with your child’s learning see here.

7.Love them unconditionally, make them feel special but don’t forget about yourself, you are human too, taking care of yourself from time to time will make you feel good and will make motherhood enjoyable.

8.Respect and listen to them, this makes your life so much easier, you end up learning a lot more about your child and they get to learn how to treat others as they grow up and it’s less stressful.

9.Know that every mother out there, has gone or is going through what you are right now and that it will pass, be calm and enjoy the journey.

10.Pat yourself on the back, treat yourself, go shopping, laugh out loud, play with your children. You are a good mother and you know it.

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Hope this helps every mother and mother to be out there and makes you feel proud. What has been your favourite part about being a mother? Do leave comments below


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