Hello there,

I hope you are all doing great this fabulous day, after a long weekend once again, I am back with another post for you guys. So today I have a diy post for all the ladies out there who need their nails done without the hustle of visiting a salon. Imagine how much money you can save by doing your own nails and it doesn’t even take that long plus it’s not rocket science. I usually do my own nails and I have never got them done professionally like really go to a nail salon and have them done because I saw horror stories on how some nails break and it looked really painful. To avoid that, I choose to do my own and you can too, this is how you can have beautiful diy nails at home.

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beauty products i'm loving this month

Hello Everyone,

I know it’s been a while from my last post but I am back now. This week has been a little bit hectic with my son getting scarlet fever and me an infection following that, not an interesting week at all, I am still on medication but all will be fine. In my post on my skin care routine I mentioned how I was going to start trying out other products that I had wanted to and after using them for sometime now, I really like how they make my skin feel and help with my blemishes and hormonal breakouts. These are the beauty products I’m loving this month.

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Hello everyone, I hope that your long weekend went well and are now ready for another week. We all know that women in general like looking good and our hair is a big part of our image. I have natural hair and I try to take care of it as much as I can from my washing routines, deep conditioning, moisturising and protective styling. All that always relies on having hair products that are staples and work well to achieve healthy hair. These are my current natural hair products.


I am not going to bore you by saying too much here, I usually shampoo my scalp most of the time but if my hair has too much build up, then I also do the rest of the hair. For my shampoo, I use the Shea Moisture Jamaican black castor oil shampoo which I had put on my current  January favourites here, but I had to use it a couple of times to see whether I love it or not and I must say it is a keeper.

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Hello everybody

I hope that you all had a great weekend and are ready for this week. Today was one of those days where I woke up all confused and a bit down which is not a good feeling at all. After minutes of trying out positive thinking which didn’t work by the way, I decided to destruct myself and just go ahead and clean my makeup brushes which I had been ignoring for some time now. Don’t you just love having clean makeup brushes until you need to clean them all over again then wonder why you torture yourself, it’s all for the love of makeup people. I have tried many ways of cleaning my brushes until I found an easy way. This is how to easily clean your makeup brushes.

You will need two things, vinegar and washing up liquid(I use dish soap)

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eat. spray, love best places to spray your perfume

Hi everyone, can you believe how fast this week is going? So today was one of those days where the weather decided to just do its own thing. It’s either raining, drizzling or too windy and believe me, it’s not pleasant at all. Well, I ended up forgetting my umbrella when I went to pick up my son from school and the rain decided that it was the best time to pour down the minute I started walking, like really?

Enough of my ranting

Anyway, now that I’ve let that out, let’s talk about perfume. I mean who doesn’t love smelling good. Today, I noticed that some of my perfumes were either not really moving amount wise and another was almost finished and made me think on how many times I may be choosing one from another.

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kitchen staples you can use for beauty treatments

Did you know

There are many products and ingredients in our kitchens that can help you when it comes to beauty? Well I am going to save you time and tell you how many things you have in your kitchen that you may be ignoring instead of using them in your daily routines. Here are some of the kitchen staples you can use for beauty treatments.


Known for salads,dressings and drinking but it can also be used;

  • As a toner for your face, mix it with water 2 parts water and 1 part apple cider and use it to tone your face. Helps with preventing blemishes and reducing blackheads, and is also good for oily skin.
  • Use it as a hair rinse after shampooing your hair by mixing it with some water, put it on your hair and massage it for a few minutes then rinse and continue with your conditioner. Helps to seal your hair shafts.
  • If you have feet odour, make a foot soak and place your feet in the solution  which helps to minimise the odour. You can repeat this two to three times per week.
  • If you have a clay mask, mix it with some apple cider vinegar and use it as a mask, you might feel a bit of tingling but it works and if you feel it’s too much, you can just add less next time. To see my face mask review find here.
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how to get clear skin

We all want clear skin

Having flawless skin is what every woman wants to see every time they pass-by a mirror or their reflection. We all want clear, beautiful, and perfect looking skin, not only for it to look good under makeup but to have that confidence when you don’t have time to put on makeup or not in the mood. Here are some tips you can follow on how to get clear skin.

  • DIET

Everyone nowadays follows a particular diet, or a meal plan of some sort, either way you should eat for the nutrients in the food instead of for the fun of it. I am not going to tell you that you have to be vegan, vegetarian or anything else, I’m saying reduce the junk and eat real food simple as that. To get clear skin you have to start from the inside for the outside to show.


We’ve all heard about this before, water is good for not only your body but also for your skin. Dehydration causes your skin to look dull and tired so drink more water and help your skin reap the benefits. Make sure that you are hydrated at all times for you to achieve clear skin.




Everybody has different skin types from oily, combination, acne prone and dry. To maintain clear skin, you need to be able to get the right kind of products for your skin to agree with and to also keep up with changes that your skin goes through with changes of seasons and the weather.To read more on my top beauty products go here. Once you know your skin type, getting clear skin becomes easier because you use products that are meant for you.

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how to stretch natural hair without using heat

Let’s talk about hair

Straightening hair takes a while, but when it comes to natural hair that’s a whole other ball game. Everyone knows that heat would damage your ends leaving you with more to fix later on.There are many ways to stretch natural hair. Here are some of the ways you can stretch natural hair without using heat.


Threading is a way of stretching natural hair with  thread which you use by twirling it around sections of your hair and then tying a knot at the end.The type of thread does matter because the thicker the thread,the better.Also make sure you do this in sections that are not too thick but just medium.

You could do this on damp hair but to achieve straightened looking hair, wait for your hair to dry then start doing the threading and do moisturise your hair before doing it and do take care of your edges not to tighten too much or you will damage them.


This method has the same concept as threading only that instead of using thread, you use rubber bands.You need a lot of rubber bands to do this depending on the length of your hair.Take your bands after sectioning your hair as if you would do a ponytail only that this time it’s in small sections of hair and after one band, tie another band almost an inch or two inches apart from the first one.Make sure that you don’t over tighten the bands to cause breakage to your hair but just enough to hold it down.Doing this on hair that’s not too wet also does help.


Natural hair loves buns,not only as a protective style but to also stretch your hair and make it look more straightened.So remember whenever you know that you need to stretch your hair out for the next day then just tie it up in a bun. You will not get the flat-ironed texture but we just want it to look straightened, so after putting it in a bun your hair will look longer and stretched with no heat which is a plus.More tips for healthy natural hair can be found here.

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beauty uses for coconut oil

Ever since coconut oil came into the scene, it’s all everybody talks about and so many recipes have come from it that look so delicious and I’m still yet to try, but there are also beauty uses for coconut oil apart from just using it for cooking. Now before I continue, you all know that I can’t apply this oil on my face because it just doesn’t work for me and I already wrote about it in my other post here. But I do use it in other ways when it comes to hair and body, these are some of the beauty uses for coconut oil that I usually use when need be.


  •  As a makeup remover, just apply it all over your face, rubbing it in then wiping it off with a makeup wipe.
  • Make it into a face scrub by mixing it with some sugar for smooth, soft and flawless skin.
  • As a face moisturiser, if it doesn’t make you react in anyway, this can be your holy grail.
  •  As a lip scrub with sugar then as a lip balm after so pucker up.
  • If you run out of an under eye cream, get some drops of coconut oil and use that instead.
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5 acids worth adding to your skincare routine

When in it comes to beauty, I am still on the search for the best products that I can continue adding to my skin care routine. Hearing the word acid itself takes me back to my experience with benzoyl peroxide which was in the panoxyl ointment I used that really messed me up. I wrote about it in my products that didn’t work for my face post here, now that my skin is back to normal, I am very cautious on what products I apply or plan to put on my face nowadays. Certain acids can be particularly helpful in the exfoliation of the skin, reducing appearance of wrinkles and also taking care of acne. These are 5 acids that are worth adding to your skin care routine.


This acid is an exfoliation alpha-hydroxy acid which leaves your skin having a renewed feeling. It’s also found to boost collagen which helps out when it comes to wrinkles. Since it’s an acid, you should start with a small percentage in order not to damage your skin. I have not particularly introduced this yet since I don’t have deep-set wrinkles but once those bad boys start coming up I’ll be ready for the attack.

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