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I hope you are all doing great this fabulous day, after a long weekend once again, I am back with another post for you guys. So today I have a diy post for all the ladies out there who need their nails done without the hustle of visiting a salon. Imagine how much money you can save by doing your own nails and it doesn’t even take that long plus it’s not rocket science. I usually do my own nails and I have never got them done professionally like really go to a nail salon and have them done because I saw horror stories on how some nails break and it looked really painful. To avoid that, I choose to do my own and you can too, this is how you can have beautiful diy nails at home.

You will need:

Lets get started

  • I love the kiss nails because when you start looking for the right size for your nail, they have numbers on them which makes it easier for you not to go one by one trying to find one that fits, you just look at the number and find it for the other hand.

beautiful diy nails at home

  • Once you find the right sizes of one hand, select the right numbers for your other hand and lay them down to be ready.

beautiful diy nails at home

  • After that, cut and file your nails to an appropriate size to prepare it for the nails you are about to put. The best part about these nails is that I like using the plain ones so that I choose whether I want a design or to just apply a nail polish of my choice, but if you want readily designed ones, you just buy them and won’t have to rely on applying nail polish by yourself.

beautiful diy nails at home

Caution here, when you start the application, take care with the glue because it will glue your fingers together and pulling two stuck fingers apart ain’t pleasant, I know from experience. Just be careful to put the glue on your nail and not on the skin.

  • Now that you have finished applying on both hands, take your nail file and just shape them to smooth the edges they usually come with.
  • After that, take your nail polish of your choice, I didn’t use the base and top coats though I know I should, just didn’t have them, if you have them then start with base then nail polish and finish with your top coat. For nail polish hacks, you can find here.
  • Once you are done let them dry and enjoy your new set of glamorous nails and keep them moisturised, no crusty hands ladies. Find beauty uses for coconut oil right here.

beautiful diy nails at home

NOTE: These nails last me two weeks and I cook, clean and wash my son everyday so they are strong enough. The only time they fell off after four days was because I was swimming every single day in those four days. Other than that, they really do last long and look good, plus you can get them in square shape, stiletto or round like mine.
That’s it for today an easy diy post for nails you can have at any time without visiting the salon. Let me know in the comments below what you prefer, your nails being done at the salon or doing it yourself, better yet would you be willing to try doing them for yourself? Till next time beautiful people.


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